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Qigong and Tai Chi is a group for anyone interested in the ancient Chinese practice called Qigong, Some call it Chinese yoga, moving meditation, or moving acupuncture. You may have heard of Tai chi. Tai chi is part of the Qigong family.

Qi means "life energy" . Gong means "work" With Qigong, we are working with our life force energy; cultivating it for inner harmony, mindful awareness, and greater well-being.

The group is open to all levels. Our aim is to spread knowledge about this ancient Chinese practice and to support one another as we grow our own Qigong practice. We will engage in Qigong movements and meditation. We will also join together for readings and discussion. At present, all activities in this group will be virtual.

Come learn with us and experience the tranquility with kindred spirits!

Stephanie Lewis


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