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The Qi-gong classes we are presenting at Whole Being Health are focused primarily around Yin cultivation. We will be teaching Qi-gong forms called One Thousand Hands Of Buddha, Morning Medical, Essence, Turtle Longevity, and Remedy Routines. The purpose of teaching these Yin cultivating forms is to place you in a different perspective to this false Yang culture we all live in.

These forms will aid a person to become more relaxed in their daily lives, and live with more joy and love in their daily routines. These Qi-gong forms will help reduce the over stimulation of the adrenal glands (sympathetic nervous system), and help to turn on the para-sympathetic nervous system which helps us to relax and perform efficient digestive processes (assimilation and excretion).

If you find that your lifestyle is depleting your energy, disturbing your sleep, disrupting you digestion, or making your body feel heavy and stagnant, then these Yin cultivating Qi-gong forms are right for you. Please come join us and learn how to empower yourself by moving your own energy or Qi, in the directions that will benefit you.

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