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Qigong For A Better Life

Qigong improves your body’s physical form, creating a body that is strong and supple as well as improves your balance, stamina and flexibility. You do not have to choose qigong over a regular workout, but you may certainly want to add it to your workout.

Qigong helps improve your cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, digestive and nervous systems. Practicing qigong regularly will open and awaken your mind, and encourages intuition and creativity.

Not having as many creative ideas as you used to?

Focus on qigong and watch the results surprise you and those you work with. Practicing qigong regularly will keep you relaxed, happy and with a positive state of mind. This is because this form of alternative medicine gives a smooth and balanced flow of qi and keeps emotions like anger, fear, anxiety and grief at bay.

Practicing qigong, aids your body releasing toxins resulting in clear smooth skin as a result. It also helps your digestive processes, which in turn helps in getting healthier skin, hair and nails. It also improves internal circulation so that your body will generate more internal warmth when it is cold.

With all these benefits of qigong and the pleasure of doing it, qigong quickly becomes a regular routine in your life. Without realizing it, your body becomes disciplined enough to add it to your daily regimen, much like starting your day with a healthy meal.

With all the benefits that qigong offers, why not join us today?

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The Joy and Powerful Self-Healing of Qigong - Come and practice with Darlene

Red Deer Lake United Church


Monday Morning Qigong Come experience and enjoy the beautiful, healing practice of Qigong with Darlene Abraham from 9:30 to 10:45am! This is a meditative and relaxing class! Movements are gentle but energetically powerful! They can be done standing or sitting and are easily modified if needed! A seated, guided meditation of about 15 minutes is a part of the practice. The beautiful sound of Tibetan and/or crystal bowls will be included. Questions? Email Darlene at: [masked] What do you need to bring? Water is suggested; wear comfortable clothing (and maybe layers so you don't get too cool during the meditation) and shoes for the movement practice. Bring a smile, too! See you there! Where? Upstairs in the Upper Room at Red Deer Lake United Church!

Qigong Mondays at 12 Noon

SolePath Institute

Discover the Healing Power of Qigong Mondays at 12 noon - Starting January 14 at SolePath Institute in Inglewood. Practicing Qigong (chee gong) is a way to experience a longer, more active life. The gentle, fluid movements increase energy, open the joints, stretch muscles, and enhance balance. Movements can be done either standing or sitting. Qigong is the perfect exercise if you're experiencing any of the following: • High levels of anxiety & chronic stress • Heart disease, high blood pressure or high cholesterol • Muscle aches and pains • Joint pain, osteoarthritis or tendonitis • Fatigue, low energy and trouble sleeping • ADHA & learning disabilities • Low immune system function • Susceptibility to infections or illnesses • Circulatory, lymphatic & digestive problems • Older adults who can’t perform intense exercise This Qigong is very effective and easy to learn. "This unique program is specifically designed to restore youthful vigor, energy, and overall well-being." Jan 14 to March 4; 12pm to 1pm (8 Weeks) SolePath Institute,[masked]th Ave SE Investment: $135 + gst Enroll online at www.qigongcalgary.com Call[masked] [masked]

Circle of Presence and Qigong for Women: 8 Week Registered Class

St. Stephen’s Anglican Church

Patti Wardlaw is pleased to be adding another Women's class to her schedule. This NEW Registered Class, runs each Tuesday from January 15 - March 12, 2019 (no class February 19) Nurture your body, mind and spirit and replenish your energy in a warm and nurturing setting. This class is truly a unique opportunity to rest, connect and grow. Together we will explore presence, awareness, unconditional love and of course body movement! The foundation of our exploration will be rooted in the teachings of qigong, mindfulness and advaita (nonduality). Arrive between 9:15-9:20 to have a cup of locally produced herbal tea, connect with others and, if inclined, draw an oracle card. We begin sitting right at 9:30 with a grounding guided meditation. Patti then shares a reading or a specific teaching followed by the the opportunity for each participant (if desired) to share a feeling or observation and to be held by the unconditional presence of the group. Class will then proceed with an opportunity to get into the body using slow gentle movements, breathing techniques, and focused visualizations designed to release blockages and balance the overall flow of energy throughout the body. In addition to guided movements, you will have the opportunity to listen to your body and move or stretch as desired. A brief guided closing meditation will leave you feeling both grounded and rejuvenated. Participants receive a weekly email/blog that captures the highlights of the teachings of each class. Small class size ensures a connected and meaningful experience. Suitable for all ages and abilities and no experience is necessary. Wear comfortable clothes and soft soled shoes or socks. Please note that we begin with a sitting meditation on the floor and meditation chairs with back support are provided (and regular chairs are also available for those who prefer). $200 for all eight classes To inquire into registration, please email Patti at [masked] or phone or text[masked] Please visit http://www.practicinggrace.ca/classes/#/tuesday-mornings/ for more details and to view registration guidelines and cancellation policy. 💗

Qigong for Seniors (FLC Seniors Club at Trico Centre) w/ Mario

Add years to your life AND life to your years with the ancient art of Qigong! This unique program is specifically designed to restore youthful vigor, energy, and overall well-being. Qigong is an excellent form of exercise for Seniors because of its gentle and soothing nature, anyone can do Qigong, regardless of age, ability, flexibility, or activity level! It is also significantly effective in improving balance, relieving pain, encouraging mobility and reducing stress. Join me at FLC Seniors Club (Trico Centre) 11150 Bonaventure Dr. SE: Tuesdays at 10:45 to 11:45am For more information please visit: www.flcseniors.ca/activities/qigong Cost: $65 for 13 sessions (Plus $15 yearly membership) Registration: Contact the Coordinator: Barbara Bruhl-Lipiec[masked] Must be 55+ years old (Spouses 50+)

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