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This is the meetup site of Qlik Dev Group Switzerland. We organize events with talks and discussions on technical (!) topics around the whole Qlik product portfolio: QlikView, Qlik Sense, NPrinting...
Official page: http://qlikdevgroup.com/switzerland-home/

From the official description:
The Qlik Developer’s Group is just what it sounds like. It is a forum for QlikView and Qlik Sense developers of all levels to learn from and engage with senior industry folk and each other. Qlik are very good at holding customer and partner events, but what about those technologists who have to make the system actually work for our clients or employers!? We are key to the ongoing success of the products yet we have been under-represented by Qlik to date.

So when, in September 2014 in London, Matt said to Jason he wanted to put together a group to share challenges and solutions, Jason jumped in with both feet. They were joined by DV, and just 2 months later the inaugural Qlik Dev Group meeting took place. From 20 invited attendees in the Qlik City of London offices to just under 100 attendees for the London April 2016 event, the growth in enthusiasm has been incredible to see. And now we’re international (see map)!

Qlik Dev Group events are sessions (usually evenings after work) dedicated to engage with the architects, developers, technical BAs and PMs actually involved in onsite implementations. We are independent from Qlik, but very well supported by them. Qlik’s top people have flown in to present to us on a range of topics – all with a technical bias and relevant to us. The September 2015 London event saw all three of the new Developer Relations Team present mind-blowing stuff to a packed room and before that the legend to us devs that is Henric Cronström gave us a fascinating history of QV from version 1!

Just as important as attracting leading industry figures, we encourage the Qlik dev community to share with each other. We have all had good ideas, but how often are they the same ones? Why not share them in an open and informal (but structured) setting, while eating pizza and drinking beer? We have had some wonderful presentations to date; not all snazzy front-end graphics, but as much back-end tips and tricks to provide real help to us all in our daily work.

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Qlik Meetup - Qlik Dev Group Switzerland Event 07

Ringier Axel Springer AG Switzerland

Qlik Dev Group Event 05 at Zurich Airport

Flughafen Zürich

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