• Test Masters Test-A-Thon Contest and Social Event

    AMA Conference Center

    Join other amazing testers in a testing contest! You will be testing new amazing app with a secret twist. Bring your friends, show your skills, learn from your peers, have fun! The contest starts on 5:15 PM and goes for 1 hr. Reception, award ceremony and networking with the international test experts will follow. This event will take place during largest New York's Software Testing and QA conference ConTEST NYC. Not too late to register at http://contest-nyc.testmastersacademy.org Use promocode TESTMASTERS25 for 25% discount!

  • Test Leadership Congress Social Event with New York's Testing Meetups

    Join us for Test Leadership Congress Evening Reception at AMA Conference Center, 1601 Broadway this June 5th, 2018 at 6:00 PM. Agenda: 1. Networking with the thought leaders in the global testing community: Alan Page, USA (leading author of “How we Test Software at Microsoft”), Nancy Kelln, Canada (co-founder of POST), Lalitkumar Bhamare, Germany (Editor-in-Chief of Tea-Time With Testers magazine) and others. 2. Roundtable discussions and games. 3. Meeting the leading test automation tool vendors, who deploy Artificial Intelligence in the next generation of software testing tools: Applitools, InfoStretch, and others. 4. Food, drinks and the good time! It’s not too late to register for full 3 days of Test Leadership Congress, an international conference featuring emerging trends, latest developments, experience, and practical advice in software quality leadership that takes place on June 4th-6th in New York. Register at: http://testleadershipcongress-ny.com/ We invite YOU to learn from companies and innovators that occupy technology news headlines, be among the ones who influence the future of technology, and leave with ideas granting unfair competitive advantage. Our presenters are scientists, executives and senior specialists overseeing software testing and quality engineering strategies. It’s everything you need to be ahead of the game. Join us to: • Understand the modern technology landscape • Get trained in risk management techniques • Enhance technical leadership skills • Develop long-term strategies • Build and manage productive teams • Influence positive changes in the organization • Master budgetary investments and resources • Arm your team with the best tools on the market • Inspire the culture of quality • Meet community leaders • Practice, debate, confer Look forward to your participation! Cheers, Test Masters Academy

  • Leading Testing in 2018: Trends and Challenges

    Code and Theory

    Anna Royzman, founder of Test Masters Academy, will cover Test/QA leadership and management trends in 2018, the forecast and the challenges to be prepared for. This report is based on extensive industry research, and it will be supported by the information from the upcoming Test Leadership Congress sessions and topics presented by Test/QA leaders and managers from around the world (the conference will take place June 4th-6th NYC). The presentation will be followed by the roundtable group discussion. More about the Test Leadership Congress and the hot topics for modern test leaders is here: http://testleadershipcongress-ny.com/

  • ConTEST NYC Social Event

    AMA Conference Center

    Test Masters Academy invites you to contribute to the professional growth of the global testing community by sharing your passion, unique insights, skills, and knowledge at ConTEST NYC Social Event (http://testleadershipcongress-ny.com/contest2017/). In the program: 1. Technical Lab Trials. Explore and test new technologies. (5-6 PM). 2. Meet the speakers and attendees from around the world, engage in testing discussions, and enjoy games and activities. JOIN US FOR 3 FULL DAYS OF NETWORKING AND LEARNING We invite YOU to discover emergent trends and practices in software testing and quality engineering, lay your hands and eyes on latest technologies and immerse yourself in the thought leadership of others in 3 unforgettable days at ConTEST NYC, November 29th - December 1st, 2017. Limited time savings offer: GET 35% discount on all conference passes with the promo code BLKFRIDAY. Sale ends at midnight Friday, November 25th. To purchase your ticket to this year's ConTest NYC CLICK HERE (http://testleadershipcongress-ny.com/contest2017/)

  • Panel: Testing New Frontiers

    Visible World

    New technologies are emerging fast every year. Ideas that belonged to a science fiction few years ago, are taking our lives by storm. When organizations adopt new technologies as part of their product or service offering, the testing specialists need to get ready fast. They have to embrace the concepts and think through vulnerabilities and potential risks that a given technology is introducing. They need to develop new methods and tools for testing, and adjust their testing processes around new digital challenges. This panel will focus on advising and organising testing of newly emerging technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Bid Data, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR, VR), etc. If your tasks include testing or test management of these new technologies, we invite you to share your experience at the panel. Write a note to Anna Royzman, meetup organizer, to get involved.

  • May Test Masters Academy Meetup at Test Leadership Congress

    AMA Conference Center

    Test Masters Academy Leadership Community meets Test Leadership Congress (http://testleadershipcongress-ny.com/) guests for an evening of discussions, games and activities. In the program: 1. Round Table discussions with the renowned speakers on topics of: • Changing role of Testers and skills needed to succeed • Automation Strategies • Leadership and management • DevOps tools • More 2. Testing Games and activities. 3. In-house Prize Drawings. Win a DRONE from Infostretch, the conference sponsor! Among the guests: Jon Bach, creator of Session Based Test Management methodology, Angie Jones, the Automation Specialist and inventor, Fiona Charles, Test Leadership development coach, and other international guests well known in global testing community. See the speakers lineup here: http://TestLeadershipCongress-NY.com (http://testleadershipcongress-ny.com/) Meetup members - register with discount TESTLEAD and save 10% on the tickets price.

  • What’s In a Name? Experimenting With Testing Job Titles

    What’s In a Name? Experimenting With Testing Job Titles – Martin Hynie There is a song that is sung so often that every software tester knows the words: “But what does this have to do with testing?” Organizational bias towards software testing has continued to haunt us throughout my career. With each successful mission to spread knowledge about our community and craft, I would encounter another challenge. A new manager, an opposing director or a newly contracted consultant who would overlook the potential benefits of including members of testing in key phases of critical projects. I was hiring experts in our target market, brilliant coders and researchers, and excellent critical thinkers but we continued to be overlooked only to be brought in too late to contribute key information that could have saved our projects time and money. So as a team, we asked the question: “What if we did not call ourselves testers? Would anything change?” In other words… we had an interesting hypothesis about our system and like all good testers, we decided to test it in order to learn more about it. In this presentation, I will present the story of our 18 month experiment with rotating job titles. I will highlight: *The startling impact this had on how the members of the testing team were included (and sought out) within development projects. *The dramatic changes in communication paths that happened within weeks of each job title change. *The emergence of extremely strong relationships in departments like marketing and product management. *The reaction when job titles would get changed back to software tester.And most surprisingly, the observed companywide changes made to accommodate and empower the “new key roles” being filled by members of the testing team. Our Speaker: With over fifteen years of specialization in software testing, Martin Hynie’ s attention has gradually focused on emphasizing value through communication, team development, organizational learning, and the significant role that testers can play to help enable these. A self-confessed conference and workshop junkie, Martin travels the world to meet inspiring people, and learn whatever he can. He incorporates ideas introduced by various sources of inspiration (including Cynefin, complexity in social systems, context-driven testing, the Satir Model, trading zones, various agile principles, Pragmatic Marketing, and progressive movement training) Follow Martin: - Twitter (https://twitter.com/vds4): @vds4 - LinkedIn (https://ca.linkedin.com/in/whoisvds4): https://ca.linkedin.com/in/whoisvds4 - Blog (http://www.developersbestfriend.com/): www.DevelopersBestFriend.com (http://www.developersbestfriend.com/) - Website (http://www.vds4consulting.com/): www.vds4Consulting.com (http://www.vds4consulting.com/)

  • Test Leadership 2017


    Program: 1) Panel discussion on Test and QA Leadership and Management in 2017 a. New trends and challenges b. Test manager of the future c. Finding and leading talent d. Testing culture and creating test-friendly environments Panelists: NYC Testing and QA Leads, Managers, Practice Leads. Panelists will be announced. 2) Fishbowl Dialogue. The Fish Bowl is a way to support dialogue in a community about critical issues, sharing ideas or solutions. It is called a fish bowl because a center circle of people have a conversation and those sitting around them watch. There is always one chair left empty in the center circle. This chair is open for someone else to step into. When someone steps into the empty chair one of the existing center circle people should self select and step out. 3) Practical exercise: mastering your coaching skills.

  • Test Masters Academy Reinventing Testers Week reception and social event.

    You are invited to join the inspired crowd at Test Masters Academy conference reception and social event. Meet the speakers of Reinventing Testers Week. Test Masters Academy opens the doors to celebrate testing community with games, discussions, fun activities, food and drinks. And, if you plan to own your future career in testing, attend the conference. Because it is #1 NYC event for Test and QA professionals, period. 50 ANNIVERSARY CONFERENCE TICKETS ON SALE UNTIL 9/9/2016 Regular price $699 Today* $495 (*while supplies last, sale ends on 9/9/2016) Find Reinventing Testers Week agenda, full schedule, tips to convince your manager, and guide to select a tutorial for your personal career development goals: http://TestMastersAcademy.org

  • Test Automation Strategies Panel



    Test Masters Academy partnered with NYC Testers Meetup to bring you a Test Leadership Panel on Automation Strategy. Leading Test and QA Specialists join the panel to discuss implementation of successful automation practices. Topics will cover (but not limited to): · Finding the successful automation strategy within your context · Tools and frameworks variety · Pitfalls in implementing automation · How to adjust your processes to CI/CD requirements · DevOps environments and what’s unique about them · Set of skills and knowledge required to succeed in automation · Cooperation with development · Q&A Our panel members have a wealth of experience in leading automation efforts in their respective companies throughout the years. All of them are invited TMA conferences speakers, and you can pick up their brain at New Testing Conference this September at testmastersacademy.org : Paul Holland is the Managing Director of Testing Practice at Doran Jones. He has twenty years of hands-on testing and test management experience, primarily at Alcatel-Lucent where he led a transformation of the testing approach for two product divisions, making them more efficient and effective. As a test manager and tester, Paul focused on exploratory testing, test automation, and improving testing techniques. For the past five years, he has been consulting and delivering training to companies such as Intel, Intuit, Progressive Insurance, HP, Raymond James, and General Dynamics. Paul is one of three teachers of the Rapid Software Testing course. Follow @PaulHolland_TWN Kate Falanga is a Director of Quality Assurance at Huge. Kate has over 14 years of digital experience. At Huge she works with a full time team of quality assurance professionals as well as actively supports projects and project teams with testing mentorship. As part of her role she works alongside other leadership within the company on overall technical strategy. Outside of Huge, Kate co-created the New York City Testing meetup group whose goal is is to serve the community by providing a place to learn, teach and to teach each other’s about testing (w/beer). Joseph Lopez is managing the Functional Testing team as well as the shared services team that specializes in Automation and Performance Testing at an Investment Bank. Joe is a graduate of Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Computer Science Minor. Joe has over 20 years’ experience in the Financial Services area as a support person, functional tester, performance tester, system tester, automation engineer, and test management. Joe is a very strong advocate of agile methodologies and its principles. Joe is also involved in the AST SIG called Software Testing in Financial Services. Noah Sussman is an automation engineer who studies how people and computers relate to each other. His approach to scaling Web sites, in particular CI systems, is demonstrably successful — he is noted for designing innovative test architectures for The SAT Test, Etsy and Barnes & Noble Nook. After several years of consulting, Noah has now joined the team at Teachers Pay Teachers – hello we are hiring engineers!