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What we're about

This group is about creating (collating what is already available or creating new) teacher specific content that will help increase the quality of teaching/learning in government high schools.


There are multiple NGOs in Bangalore and elsewhere that are doing an awesome job on creating content focused on improving child's learning on various topics. Mostly, these topics assume the unavailability of teachers and hence focus on teaching children not only the concept, but also the specifics. Content thus created is very helpful for children who don't have access to good teachers.

Based on our interaction with multiple government school teachers, we realised that content created specifically for children are not used by teachers in school to teach because,

• It takes up too much time - Content developed for children assumes lack of teachers and hence goes into a lot of details. Teachers have a lot of topics to complete in their allotted time and hence don't want anything that takes away their teaching time.

• It undermines the presence of the teacher - Teachers typically know the subject really well and only need aids to complement their teaching.

Who should join this group:

Anyone who is interested in bringing a change in the quality of learning at schools can be part of this. If you

• Are Passionate to the cause of changing the landscape of quality education in government schools

• Are good at any topic that you think you can teach really well

• Are aware of / have used content that helped you learn things easily

• Have atleast 4 hours in a week to dedicate to this effort

then you fit really well!

What type of content are we talking here:

Any content/activity that we create/collate here should pass one simple test - Did the content/activity create the required amount of interest in the learner to want to know more about that topic. As a rule of thumb, we should ensure

• Content/activity per topic does not take up more than 10 minutes and should typically be 2 - 5 minutes long

• Content/activity can be in any form, like a Video, Audio, power point, document, experiment model etc.

• Content/activity should focus on practical use cases, interesting facts, experiments to show it working, real life examples or any other details which would increase child's interest in a given topic or helps understand a concept better.

• Content should have minimal audio and maximum video. Also, since the language of most of these videos will be in English, we need to pick those videos that have simple English and is less accented, so that it is easy for vernacular language students to understand. It will also be easy for us to voice over into vernacular languages in future.

• Content can be those that are already available online or something that the contributor created him/herself.

Who will have access to this content once created:

Content created by this group will be available for anyone and everyone. This will be an open source content.

Who is the target group for this content:

The initial focus is government school teachers teaching subjects in 8th/9th and 10th standard. We will follow the government school syllabus.

Is this a one time activity? What next?:

While the initial focus is on content for teachers of high school, there are many next steps. We can focus on implementation at various schools, teacher training, look at content for other age groups and focus on anything that helps us with the cause of improving quality of learning at government schools. The first step ofcourse is to create content for teachers.

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