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Quantified Coaching is strategy training for entrepreneurs.

Free 60-Minuet Strategy Courses: https://www.quantified.coach (https://www.quantified.coach/)

Blog: https://www.blog.quantified.coach/

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Hey! I'm Dianna, The Quantified Coach.

I launched Quantified Coaching because when I was founding my first company I needed a coach to help me through the hard stuff, but I couldn't find the right resource. I didn't even know where to look.

Quantified Coaching Does Two things:

>Gives you free courses (https://www.quantified.coach/collections) that help you learn critical entrepreneurial skills (from psychology to sales) in under an hour.

>Gives you the opportunity to work with me exclusively for executive one on one coaching (https://www.quantified.coach/pages/one-on-one-coaching).

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Pitch Workshop: Startup Strategy Session

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Wearables Workout In The Park

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Activity Data Exploration Workshop

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