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The Santa Barbara Quantified Self Meetup is inspired by other Quantified Self Meetups and the Quantified Self blog. It is a regular show and tell for people who are tracking data about their body and conducting their own personal investigations and research into their bodies, minds, and selves. Anything is game -- from personal genetics to ways to digitize and track information, from how to self-diagnose to how to self-experiment with data and statistics. More specific topics include: * self-experimentation * using data and statistics to further self-experimentation * behavior monitoring, tracking, and modification (including studying habit forming and breaking) * lifelogging, lifecaching, and lifestreaming * location tracking * generating, capturing, and working with biometric data * psychological self-assessments * medical self-diagnostics and keeping track of one's own medical data * personal genetics and genome sequencing Other good sources of information and inspiration are: The Bay Area QS Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/quantifiedself/) The NYC QS Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/NYQuantifiedSelf/) and the QS Blog (http://www.quantifiedself.org)

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Exploring the Quantified Self - Co-hosted with Self Echo

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A report from QS Europe!!

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April 2013 QS Santa Barbara Meetup


What are you tracking, how, what did you learn?

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