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QS Tokyo Show&Tell #3 (Ocha House in Ochanomizu University)

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Hi, we are happy to announce the third QS Tokyo Show & Tell meetup.

There will be four speakers. Most of the speakers will use Japanese, however all slides will be in English. Whatever language you use, we’ll be happy to share our thoughts.

Please take a look at a short report about our previous meeting ( (in Japanese).

Place: Ocha House ( in Ochanomizu University. map (

Ocha House is an experimental smart house to evaluate ubiquitous computing applications at home, so we will have fun to discuss about Quantified Self at the house. :)

Date: 2/16/2012 Sat 2pm to 4pm


味博士 (鈴木 隆一) / Doctor Taste (Ryuich Suzuki)
AISSY株式会社、慶応義塾大学 共同研究員/Aissy inc. Researcher at Keio University


Ryuich is a professional about sense of taste. He quantified the taste with five numbers so that we can visualize the taste of foods. Recently his study about relation between taste and health is getting popular. You can see his work from his books, many magazines and TV programs.

Title: Visualization of taste

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田中 章愛 / Akichika Tanaka

田中さんはメカトロニクスの研究開発をされており、デザイナーの高橋良爾さんとVitroというユニットを結成してデザイン/メディアアートの活動をされています。筑波大学大学院修士卒業。専攻はロボット工学。Maker Faire TokyoやDesign Tide Tokyoなどで出展活動をされており、ペンで書いた距離を計測し積算して表示できるtraceというユニークな作品を発表されています。

Akichika received the M.S. from University of Tsukuba, majoring in robotics. Ever since, he has worked as a mechanical engineering researcher at consumer electronics company. Acting as an engineer of a creative firm VITRO with a designer Ryoji Takahashi. Participated in Maker Faire Tokyo and Design Tide Tokyo. He developed a pen pedometer called "trace" which can measure a whole length of drawing.

発表タイトル: 「測る」行為のインタラクションデザインについて
Title: "A case of 'measurement' interaction design as an example 'Trace: pen pedometer'"

Vitro Project [ ]
"Trace: pen pedometer" [ ]

山崎 朝子 / Tomoko Yamazaki
マナテック / Mannatech, Inc.


Since Tomoko was rather sickly in her youger days, she has been interested in foods and body. So she experienced cook and body-therapist to learn about foods and fundamental basis of human body. Now she is researching about glyconutrient and is active in various fields, such as human resources development, reality therapy and self-development.

発表タイトル: 睡眠の質のトラッキングについて
Title: About tracking her quality of sleep

杉本 雅明 / Masaaki Sugimoto
慶應義塾大学 博士課程(2013年4月より) / Ph.D. student at Keio University


Masaaki received the M.S. from University of Tokyo, majoring in Earth and Planetary Science. Though his study is about hot spring, Onsen. He launched and is managing new style of cafe called Lab-Cafe right next to the Tokyo University. Amazingly he is a producer of TEDxUTokyo and will release his new project at coming The South by Southwest(SXSW) Conferences & Festivals. His past activity appeared in San Jose
Mercury News.

発表タイトル:「街をハックしよう! ~インタラクティブな公園への道のり~」
Title: "Hack Our City! How to design an "Interactive" park.

Lab-Cafe [ ( ]
"Japanese entrepreneurs sets sights on Silicon Valley" [ ]