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QS Tokyo Show&Tell #5 (Cookpad Head Quarters in Shirokanedai)

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It is our pleasure to announce our fifth QS Tokyo Show & Tell meetup!

We will be having three speakers this time. Two of the presentations will be in Japanese, one in English. Whatever language you use, we’ll be happy to share our thoughts.

Please take a look at the short report about our previous meetings ( (in Japanese).

Place: Cookpad Inc. Head Quarters in Shirokanedai map (

6 min. walk from Shirokanedai Station of Nanboku Line and Mita Line
15 min. walk from JR Meguro Station.

Date: November 9, 2013 (Sat) / 1pm to 4pm
(Doors will open at 1pm and close at 5pm for networking with participants.)

[UPDATE] Since it will be on a Saturday, the front door of the building will only be open from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. For those that arrive at the venue after 1:30pm, please contact the number below.


清野 幹雄 / Mikio Kiyono


Fear against something unseen is not easy to remove. Therefore, complaint about health issues from being exposed to radio waves continues. On the other hand, technology for visualizing the unseen is rapidly advancing. He will be showing us one example of visualizing radio waves, the world of Electromagnetic Field.


丸山 智久 / Tomohisa Maruyama

ENVIROME株式会社 / Envirome Inc.
東京医科歯科大学大学院 先端医療開発学専攻 遺伝子・分子医学講座 生命情報学 難治疾患研究所
Department of Bioinformatics, Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
日経BP外部記者 バイオ部 / Nikkei Business Publications, Writer Nikkei Biotechnology & Business


The genome is the map of the life. Within these several years, it becomes possible to know easily.And also, we can measure our body's status and the environment and which surrounds by our life , and it became able to be well understood.QS movements are accelerating to collecting our life logs.By the sight of "Genome; Genetic Factors" and "Envirome; Environmental factors", I will show some case about our health log.And, we think about "what is life?".

発表タイトル:どのように生命を計算するか? ~P = G + E, 生命システムと統計の力

Title: How to calculate our life?
P = G + E, The Systems of Life and The Power of Statistics

山宮 徳晃 / Noriaki Yamamiya

Peatix Senior Evangelist


Joining Triathlon racce 70.3 is his goal which made him begin counting up and down himself. He will be introducing the tools he used and what he learned from the numbers.

発表タイトル: 40歳の目標

Title: My Goal for Age 40

渡邊 恵太/Keita WATANABE

(明治大学 総合数理学部 専任講師/ Meiji University,Senior Assistant Professor)

発表タイトル: "SyncPresenter": 動きと音声が同期したターンテーブル型プレゼンテーションシステム /
Title: "SyncPresenter": Turntable Presentation System that Synchronizes Motion and Sound


When people present some commodity, they often grasp it by hands. This clear action attracts audience. We developed turntable-type presentation system, SyncPresenter, that can record motion and sound synchronously. This talk introduces the SyncPresenter system and other record & presentation systems suited for daily use.