• Quantstamp and Friends Blockchain Security Meetup Munich!

    Join us for an evening on Blockchain security featuring a presentation from Andreas Bogner, Senior Research Engineer, who is currently researching Blockchain Security at Siemens. You will also hear more about Quantstamp and our security tools and auditing services from Don Ho, BizDev at Quantstamp, as well as a talk and demo by Sebastian Banescu, Senior Research Engineer from Quantstamp, on our latest Assurance Protocol. We will have snacks and refreshments so RSVP for an evening with Quantstamp and friends. Tentative Agenda: 18:30 Drinks & Socializing 19:00 Talk 1: "Intro to Quantstamp" - Don Ho, Quantstamp 19:30 Pizza & Drinks 19:45 Talk 2: "Reverse Engineering Ethereum Smart Contracts" - Andreas Bogner, Siemens 20:15 Pizza & Drinks 20:30 Talk 3: "The Quantstamp Assurance Protocol" - Sebastian Banescu, Quantstamp 21:00 Drinks & Socializing 21:30 End of event

  • Quantstamp's first Berlin Blockchain Meetup!

    The Quantstamp Protocol is the foundation of blockchain security. To scale the auditing of smart contracts we first scale the availability of complex scanning tools for developers. Auditors use non-trivial tools that require extra time, special configuration and expertise to use. Checking in-development smart contract code is simple and quick with the Quantstamp protocol. We aim to develop new analysis techniques with our foundational decentralized network. Come and join Quantstamp's Sebastian Banescu, one of our European-based researchers who will give an introduction on Quantstamp and what Quantstamp is preparing for post-deployment security protections for smart contract (monitoring and staking). We are also excited to welcome Kirill Pimenov, Head of Security at Parity Tech, joining Sebastian to give us his presentation on how to "Grow your own blockchain on invigorating Substrate." Join us from 6.00pm for a beer and some pizza! 6.30pm: Presentations and Q&A 7.30pm: Networking and time to chat