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Quantum Computing Meetup v2.0 @TechQuartier

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Platz der Einheit 2 2nd floor · Frankfurt am Main

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Pollux: 2nd floor, Room Waldstadion // Ask reception for Quantum Computing meetup (other events may take place)

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This meetup is the second event to form a quantum computing community with academics, developer, analysts, consultants, managers and more. All people, roles, ages and interests are most welcome to explore this new technology from the basics. In this event we are going to show how this technology works and what is currently available, as well as giving an overview of the future potential and possible use cases within different industries.

We are going to live stream the event on our youtube page:

1-Michael Marthaler
Quantum computers for quantum chemistry
In principle all material properties can be predicted using quantum mechanics. However classical computers can not solve the laws of quantum mechanics efficiently, but quantum computers can. We discuss the current state of the field and the possibilities on near term quantum computers.

2-Matthias Rosenkranz
Quantum Machine Learning
Quantum machine learning aims at improving machine learning tasks using quantum computers. With the increasing availability of
small-scale quantum computing devices as well as high-performance simulators, it is now possible to explore potential near-te
rm use cases. We provide an overview of quantum machine learning models and dive into some of the most promising approaches on
near-term quantum computers, such as generative models.

3-Ulrich Poschinger
Ion traps quantum computers
Introduction of quantum computing hardware using ion traps.

4-Michael Streif
Quantum computing in automotive industry
The emergence of first small quantum computers in the recent years sparked the hope that quantum computing could solve many of todays intractable problems in the near future. These devices moreover enable academia and industry to develop new algorithms and to explore potential use cases. In this talk, we provide an overview of the ongoing quantum computing activities at Volkswagen.