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The future of computing has come out of the labs. Software development for quantum computing is happening in the GTA, and this meetup aims at bringing people from this fledgling industry together with anybody who wants to learn about quantum computing technology, its disruptive potential, and its application in fields as far ranging as fintech and biology.

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Error Mitigation and Error Correction in Quantum Computing

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Agenda for this talk:
-The nature of errors in transmon computers
- The nature of errors in trapped ion computers
- Practical models of errors
- Error mitigation
- Error correction with many helper qubits
- Error correction with few helper qubits
- Experimental results with the Peres-Mermin Magic Square game

Speaker: Anna Naden is the organizer of Quantum Computing with Anna, an international community based on Meetup.com. She holds a graduate degree in physics from the University of California with an emphasis on quantum theory and has been lecturing and teaching quantum topics for the past four years. Currently, Anna is developing quantum algorithms and quantum software. She lives in Chicago.

Moderator: Il Young Chung, co-organizer of Quantum Computing and Data Science Meetup

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Combining Ethics & Excellence in the Quantum Workforce w/ Entangled Positions

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As Quantum 2.0 evolves at an ever-increasing pace the people powering this technological revolution are becoming ever more crucial. With many outstanding organizations creating hardware or software this talk sheds a light from the perspective of the global pioneers of 'quantum peopleware'.
With precious few people globally possessing a deep understanding of both the quantum ecosystem as well as workforce and talent. This talk focuses on where quantum and talent entangle and furthermore why it's so important to combine ethics with excellence.

The panel's combined experience of quantum workforce issues is approaching two decades. Adding to the discussion will be interests and expertise in humanity, psychology, responsible innovation and many other subjects that contribute to both excellence and ethics.


Entangled Positions representatives: John Barnes, CEO/founder, Natalie Hills, quantum careersmith, Dr. Rupesh Srivastava, chief quantum officer.
LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/company/entangled-positions
Entangled Position web site: https://eptalent.tech/

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Quantum Computing Tool Chains: What will the Future Bring?

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Summary :
History has shown that computing hardware advances have a tendency to out-distance the capabilities of software development environments, algorithms and existing tool chains. In this presentation we will have a quick look back at the early years of electronic computing. A brief overview of computer languages and compiler technology will follow. We will then sample the current state of Quantum Computing from a software developer's point of view. I will conclude with some possible future directions for QC tool chains and some thoughts on why it’s important for new QC ventures to keep an eye on them.

Ron has been fortunate to have worked in a broad range of technical disciplines during his career. Some of these areas include digital hardware design, embedded CPUs, silicon functional architecture (VLSI), computer compiler development, image / live video processing and others.As a provider of medical software he has implemented a Domain Specific Language (DSL) complete with a compiler, decompiler and tool chain. His work with tool chains included research into alternative, visual and graphical, code capturing paradigms. Additional projects led to Machine Learning (ML) and most recently Quantum Computing (QC) with an emphasis on QML and an interest in QC compilers, transpilers and their tool chains.​Outside of the technical arena, Ron is a licensed pilot, certified open water SCUBA diver, bicyclist, wood worker and a once in a while artist.

Pawel Gora, CEO of Quantum AI Foundation

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TKET: Quantinuum's Advanced Quantum SDK for the NISQ Era

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