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Learn to become conscious in your dreams (a.k.a. Conscious Dreaming, OBE, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, Virtual Reality Dreaming) etc. You'll learn simple, easy to learn techniques you can use to experience lucid dreaming, astral projection and OBEs. You'll be guided in theory, techniques and drills from both a scientific & spiritual approach. Benefits you can experience include: Unity Experiences & Higher Self – have sacred unity experiences, experience divinity and your Higher Self. Fulfill Your Fantasies – any person, any celebrity, any fantasy… nothing you desire to experience is off limits to you in your dreams. Unleash Your Inner Super Hero – literally fly like superman in your own hyper-virtual reality. Experience any superpower. Travel To Your Dream Destinations – You can go anywhere, anytime in your own hyper-virtual reality. Heal Yourself – Heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. You are the master of your own health. Manifest Your Dreams – create the image of your deepest desires and dreams and manifest them in reality. Improve Your Creativity – improve your artistic, musical, and problem solving ability. Improve Your Athletic Ability – improve your physical skills and even your strength and body image. Meet Your Loved Ones – neither death nor distance can stop you from experiencing a reunion with your loved ones. Overcome Your Fears – the OBE helps you see yourself as far more than “just human” and mortal. Experience Your Past Lives – experience your past lives and quickly and easily deal with your past karma. Turbocharge Your Spiritual Practices – Meditation you do in the OBE state is far more powerful than normal meditation. *All benefits listed have been experienced personally by the workshop leader and will be discussed live with you.

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