Past Life Regression Hypnosis with Hemi-sync audio technology

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All brave souls are welcome ! This week you are invited to join 3 hour workshop with Hemi-sync audo technology for powerful hypnosis session to explore your Past life. The offered hypnosis will unlock deeper layers of your unconscious mind.
Knowledge of other lifetimes can bring clarity and insight to your present life, helping to remove blocks, discover unknown talents, cultivate new attitudes, and create a sense of well-being, guides you to on an extraordinary journey to remembering these other significant incarnations. Hemi-Sync® frequencies help you move beyond time and space to relax deeply into stillness as you expand your consciousness and gain insight into your life purpose.

You may also enjoy using this long-time Hemi-Sync® favorite to access knowledge not available in your waking state. This workshop will leave you totally refreshed and recharged. We will do two sound meditations 45 min long .

Quantum Sound Expansion will offer series of sound meditation with built in audio technology such as Hemi-Sync and SAM (Spatial Angular Modulation ) ,each week we will be covering different topics . To learn more about hemi-sync please read here:'

To learn more about SAM please read here:

After each exersise we will debrief and share .
Fee is 45$ per person. In order to reserve your space please purchase the ticket here :

If you have any questions please call Angelica at[masked]