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Sonic Shaman Crystal Bowl Concert at Goddess Elite
• What we'll do Each concert is custom tailored for a different intention. Here is a brief summary of the upcoming concerts. Save $5.00 by paying in advance. The fee for the Goddess Elite events is $20.00 in advance or $25.00 at the door. You also RSVP to get the lower price by texting your name and the size of your group to 440-720-4325 or get your tickets online at Each concert is a mix of Ceremony and Sound and has different themes. November 30th ~ Living in Anyi (Goddess Elite) Anyi is the concept of devin repricosty. Everything is an energy exchange. This concerts intention will be to anchor our ability as divine beings to be in a constant energy exchange with all the people places and things around us. To be in true gratitude for every relationship we encounter and embracing our role in redistributing the energy for the betterment of ourselves, those we come in contact with and even consciousness that we have yet to encounter. Our entire experience becomes one amazing energetic dance with the universe. December 21st ~ Winter Solstice Renewal (Goddess Elite) This concert focuses on clearing the heavy energy from your entire being both known and unknown. Participants will walk away with a usable clearing technique they can perform on themselves, family, friends or even strangers. Participants will also receive access to an online audio walk through of the technique to allow them to anchor the technique after the concert. January 25th ~ Meet your Spirit Allies (Goddess Elite) In this tradition it is believed that each person has a set of 7 spirit allies. The first 3 are animas. One being a cold blooded animal lake a snake, the second being a mammal, traditionally a puma, and the last is a bird, traditionally a condor. During this concert each participant will receive an energetic attunement and integration with these first 3 spirit allies as well as a handout with information on all 7 and access to a downloadable guided meditation walking you through meeting each one. • What to bring Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket. Limited chair seating will also be available. • Important to know

Goddess Elite

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Welcome to the Quantum Consciousness Cleveland Meetup!

The QUANTUM Consciousness Meetup group serves to help others thrive as we go through the most expansive evolutionary shift in consciousness ever experienced by humanity.

This meetup is designed to be a collaboration of thoughts, ideas, topics, personalities; all meeting face-to-face.

We recognized that spirituality is an ongoing learning process and that people are often at different levels. All are welcome to come and learn what you can, teach what you can, and enrich each others' lives in the process.

Topics of discussion include: David Hawkins (Power vs. Force); Pendulums, Dowsing, Truth Testing, Kinesiology, and the Law of Attraction; Gregg Braden; Byron Katie; Louise Hay; Wayne Dyer; Remote Viewing; Remote Influencing; Gerald O'Donnell; Paul Smith; Lucid Dreaming; Astral Projection; Energy Testing; Masaru Emoto (Messages in Water); Sacred Geometry and the Evolution of Consciousness; morphogenic fields as discussed by Rupert Sheldrake; Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction; John Assaraf and the 7 Universal Laws; and more, so please submit your interests and ideas at the Ideas tab.

Meetings will last at least one hour, and will run longer depending on interests of the attendees.

This is your meetup. Designed to help you! Participate. Attend.

Please let us know of meeting locations that would suit you best.

Joy to you!


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