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Quantum Computing will change everything. Unclear quite how; unclear quite when. This is a group for those who want to understand the business implications. We will NOT get down and dirty with the tech, though we welcome engagement from those people who are in the details, as in this nascent stage, you're the ones with the best idea as to what the changes will be...

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The UK's Quantum Computer

Online event

The UK is building its first commercial quantum computer. Learn from two of the people involved in the project.

Info here: https://medium.com/quantum-london/the-uks-quantum-computer-6249bb6e050d?sk=f18f6a98975d644b7d93ec1e5f5b8887

Sign-up here: https://my.demio.com/ref/Hau0pWy9vEwzFRCD

DISCOUNT CODE: Quantum Business Europe

Online event

This is not a Quantum London event. To attend you need to see details on the event website.

We can however offer a discount code for what should be a very interesting conference.

See more details here: https://medium.com/quantum-london/quantum-business-europe-discount-code-7324b0c273f8?sk=8e82b779dfcd0ba31343107516a676fa

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A Tour Through the Quantum Ecosystem

Online event

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