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Quantum Computing will change everything. Unclear quite how; unclear quite when. This is a group for those who want to understand the business implications. We will NOT get down and dirty with the tech, though we welcome engagement from those people who are in the details, as in this nascent stage, you're the ones with the best idea as to what the changes will be...

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SPECIAL EPISODE - One Year of Quantum for Finance w Multiverse Computing

Time is the least understood of the physical variables. But one thing is for certain, and it is that it is already one year since the quantum for finance series started.

To mark this anniversary, we are broadcasting a special episode with Enrique Lizaso and Román Orús, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer at Multiverse Computing. One year later, Enrique and Román will be discussing with Esperanza Cuenca-Gomez what has happened in the quantum realm during this year - and what's to come.

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Quantum Tech Boston brings together the leading disrupters of the Quantum industry to discuss, debate and explore where we are in the Quantum landscape and how the conversation is moving from the guys in white jackets to the boardroom. Find out more here. https://bit.ly/3vDxDy0

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