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Critique & Help Album for Dec/Jan (12/15-1/30)

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Critique and Help Album - for us all to learn from (please read the website links below)

if you miss the signup date just leave me a comment and I will sign you up manually.

This album will be for all members to learn from - whether you choose to upload an image to it or not - it will be a great place to read and study the questions and answers and start learning for yourself if you like an image and why or why not?

Many members have been asking about an album that is a safe place to ask for critiques on their images - maybe not to post what they consider their best images but images that are not working for some reason. This is your opportunity to upload a photo that you have questions on - maybe you have a specific question to ask - or perhaps you just want to know others opinions. Maybe you are trying to learn how to take a waterfall or moving water and it doesn't look the way you want it to - post it and the members will offer their suggestions. If you have 2 photos and you want some comments on which way to crop - then mention that you have uploaded 2 photos - a horizontal and a vertical - which is the most appealing? and why?

Remember, that each photo uploaded is art - your interpretation of a subject or scene. Critiques are really just someone else's opinion and it doesn't make it right. These comments will be suggestions to help you search for some different ways to crop an image or perhaps lighten or darken the image - do not take the critiques personally - they are just that members IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)

If you have an image that you are trying to post process and you can't quite get it right - then post it and ask the membership for help - please be specific - I use Lightroom and can't figure out how to lighten the bottom left corner OR I use Picassa and can't figure out how to do a vertical crop OR whatever the issue is.

When you leave your comments try to say something about the image that you like and then perhaps a comment or two that you feel could make it a stronger image.

ie: I love the expression on the dogs face - nicely done. I would like to see his eyes just a bit sharper and perhaps his eyes more on the upper third of the image instead of in the middle.

ie: I love the expression on the dogs face - nicely done. I would like to see less of the background so that your subject, the dog, would stand out more. Next time you are out shooting, try using a larger aperture (f4.5, f5) to blur the background more.

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