Maybe the real April Fools were the QueensJS we made along the way

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QueensJS will be hosting our 59th meetup on Wednesday, April 1st. BUT, and this is no April Fools joke, we will be hosting our meetup ENTIRELY ONLINE! (AKA please don't leave your house)

Your speakers for the evening will **NOT** be:

- Daniel Cousineau (@dcousineau) talking about maintaining NYC social values and showing up fashionably late to your Zoom meetings
- Daniel Cousineau (@dcousineau) talking about giving yourself high fives using mirrors.
- Daniel Cousineau (@dcousineau) speculating about his upstairs neighbor's home workouts.

Instead, your speakers for the evening will be:

- George Mandis (@georgemandis)
- Jenn Turner (@jennwrites)
- Suz Hinton (@noopcat)

Details on how to join will be emailed out a few days prior to the event. Please follow us on twitter at @queens_js for more updates (including likely speaker lineup changes)

QueensJS expects all speakers and attendees to follow the JSConf code of conduct (

For this meetup, RSVPs will be free and attendance capped at whatever our internet connections and services will allow.

If you would like to sponsor or speak at one of our events, please email us at organizers at queensjs dot com!