Happy Birthday To QueensJS

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QueensJS will be hosting our 61st meetup AND OUR 6TH BIRTHDAY on August 5th, 2020.

Your speakers for the evening will be:

- Jenna Zeigen (@zeigenvector)
- Mani Nilchiani (@maninilchiani)
- Nolan Lawson (https://toot.cafe/@nolan)

While RSVP's are free, we ask that if you have the means to please donate to CodeNation directly: https://codenation.org/donate/

For newcomers, we tend to have a social period where people chit-chat so feel free to come prepared to participate or not as you feel comfortable.

If you would like to sponsor or speak at one of our events, please email us at organizers at queensjs dot com!

QueensJS expects all speakers and attendees to follow the JSConf code of conduct (http://jsconf.com/codeofconduct.html).