Picking a (server) side, Wearable apps & special guest presenter


Breaking news: We will be having a few great presentations this month. We'll have Brendan Kowitz ( http://www.kowitz.net/ ) presenting on Azure Mobile Services as well as special guest Filip Ekberg ( http://filipekberg.se/ ), author of C# smorgasbord and Microsoft MVP giving a presentation. I had a chance to read his book over the weekend and it was great read and showed a lot of pragmatic advice. We should be looking forward to some great sessions this month.

The Meetup will look at what people are looking for in a server side solution and we'll take a look at the various options for Mobile C# developers. If you have anything to contribute to this topic we'd love to hear from you too. Be the first to put your hand up to do a 15 minute talk on your experience and you'll get a nifty C# t-shirt, courtesy of our new sponsor Xamarin. We'll also be briefly looking at the new wearable tech and how it can be created.

There will be pizza available for attendees and we've got some swag to give away. Please RSVP so we know how the number of pizzas available