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Converting from Xamarin Forms to Xamarin Native and the new Mono Interpreter

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Glenn S. and Ryan D.
Converting from Xamarin Forms to Xamarin Native and the new Mono Interpreter


Another double header for our May meetup with a couple of great topics. We'll have a talk from Clinton Rocksmith on the whys and hows involved in migrating projects from Xamarin.Forms to Xamarin.Native, and a talk from Ryan Davis on the new Mono Interpreter - full blurbs below.

As usual, there'll be pizza and news beforehand, and we're lucky enough to have some Xamarin swag on hand this month, so you don't want to miss it!

Hope to see you all there - food from ~5:45 and talks starting around 6pm.

Converting a Xamarin Forms app to Xamarin Native – Mixing it Up! (Clinton Rocksmith)

Clinton Rocksmith has found himself in the unfortunate position of working within multiple start-ups that had created a Xamarin Forms application that was in the market and for various reasons, the business had decided to leave Xamarin Forms for a Native approach.

He’ll go through these decisions and why they matter and outline the two different approaches that each business can take. Then he’ll show some code and how to go about converting a Xamarin Forms app to Xamarin Native which will reveal a bit about what goes on under the hood. He’ll also go about explaining the reasoning that all developers should take heed to when embarking on such a shift in a mobile application.

Practical and not so practical uses for the new Mono Interpreter (Ryan Davis)

As you might have heard, Xamarin recently added a new interpreter implementation to Mono and made it possible to enable for Xamarin.iOS apps, challenging the age-old constraint that requires Xamarin.iOS apps to be fully AOT (Ahead-of-Time) compiled. In this talk, Ryan will explore the implications of this new feature and the some of the opportunities it opens up, including benefits you can start taking advantage of immediately.
400 George St · Brisbane City, QL
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