Foundations - Analytics Meets Floodwater

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"Beautiful one day, perfect the next."

Anyone who's lived through any one of Brisbane's major floods, mini-cyclones, severe thunderstorms or periodic summer hailstorms giggles every time they think of Queensland's weather-based tourism slogans. But underneath the humour is a serious subject - flooding driven by extreme weather events regularly devastate entire regions, not only in Queensland but globally. While little can be done to stop the weather, it is fortunate that preparation is effective at mitigating the damage from flood events.

This month we're hearing from Juliette Murphy, CEO and co-founder of FloodMapp. FloodMapp (link below) is a Brissie based startup, building predictive flood models aimed at improving safety and preventing flood damage. They've been providing visual and location-specific forecasts to assist in flood preparations, using real-time rain and river data for rapid predictive flood modelling. Juliette will talk about why she founded the company, their approach to product and technology, and the challenges they're facing. So come along, learn some tricks for geospatial forecasting and support a company we may be calling when the summer storm season rolls around!

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