AI Paper Reading Group


Let's start reading papers!

This is intended to be a monthly event where we get together to discuss 1 or 2 Machine Learning / AI / Robotics papers.

During the event, the presenter will spend 30 minutes or so briefly summarising the paper and placing it within the literature. We then open the floor for a quick discussion about the paper, which could be about content someone needs clarification on, or just what we like about the paper.

Paper reading is a skill that takes time to develop. Because of this, I will be spending the first few minutes discussing how I learnt to read papers during my PhD, and hopefully some audience members will be able to share their experiences as well.

This months paper:
"Visualising the Loss Landscape of Neural Nets" - Published at NeurIPS 2018

Technical Rating:
🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️ (spicy boi)

6:00pm: Mingling, networking and nibbles
6:30pm: Quick event summary plus tips and tricks for paper reading
7:00pm: Paper presentation - Visualising the Loss Landscape of Neural Nets
7:45pm: Next month's paper suggestions
8:00pm: Mingling continued

Presenter Bio:
Dr Sean McMahon recently completed his PhD in robotic vision with the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision at QUT. His thesis titled "Direct Visual Hazard Affordance Detection", investigated modern Deep Learning approaches primarily for trip hazard detection on construction sites.

Since submission, Sean has further honed his AI expertise by working as a Research Assistant applying CNNs to skin cancer identification, and as a Software Engineer developing hazard detection algorithms at the multinational construction company Laing O’Rourke.

Currently, he works as a Research Engineer for Precision AI, a medical start-up creating 3D printed medical guides and tools for shoulder surgery.

About Mawson, our hosts:
Mawson is a venture studio that partners with exceptionally talented founders to build AI companies in Media. Mawson has co-founded and invested in three AI startups with elite software engineers - Popgun, Replica and Vaux. Mawson is Australia’s first AI Lab and venture studio, founded by two of Australia’s successful tech entrepreneurs Stephen Phillips and Graeme Wood, who have built, scaled and exited their companies to Twitter and Expedia.