What we're about

Queer Artists Collab LA (QAC) is a gathering of Queer/LGBTQIA+ artists that come together to discuss and create art in a friendly and inspirational environment. We believe that community support can empower artists of all skill levels and mediums to express themselves in new ways.

Our Mission Statement:

LA is big. LA is lonely. But it doesn’t have to be. We are Queer Artists Collab LA (QAC) and we think comfort zones are so 2000 and late. We're a home for LGBTQI+ creatives (and their allies) to come together and get messy. We aren't afraid to try any kind of art form. The drag queen who makes macramé plant holders—that's us. The lesbian who writes abstract haikus about disco—that's us. Or the gender fluid finger painter just looking for their next muse—that's us, too. We’re not about critiquing work. Instead, we celebrate our mistakes. We respect pronouns and share our gender expressions with pride. We think homophobia and sexism is gross. We believe art isn't just for the creative elite, but for all who choose to venture into the artistic unknown. We believe everyone, from novice to master, has experience to share. So come learn, come teach. Life is too short. Like Mary Tyler Moore at the end of the theme song, QAC is here to tell you 'you’re gonna make it after all.'

Upcoming events (2)

Queer Artists Collab LA- Pictionary Game Night at Verdugo Bar

Hellooo! So we decided to try something a little more casual and social by having a little Happy Hour Game Night at Verdugo Bar! We'll meet on the patio for a friendly game of Pictionary (with an artsy twist or two). Should be super fun and causal. No cover! We'll be there from at least 8pm-10pm. Verdugo Bar is a great local bar with a Queer-friendly environment. Hope you can join and feel free to bring friends!

Body Skills for Art Makers- Led by Marco Beghin of Body Economics

We are so excited to have our first workshop on Body Skills for Art Makers led by Marco Beghin of Body Economics (@bodyeconomics) In this workshop you will learn how to release muscular tension, improve body awareness, find calmness, and restore creative energy. You will be guided through hands-on work, verbal instructions, breath-work, and muscular-skeleton visualizations. Bring your yoga mat and dress comfortably. We are asking for a $10 cover for use of the space. Marco is graciously offering his services as our leader to this group! This is an opportunity for creatives to take some time to focus on self-care and mindfulness and we hope you'll join us! If you have any questions, feel free to ask or check out bodyeconomics.com for more information about the process.

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