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Are you looking to meet other queers, but totally over the bar scene? Online dating feels like too much work?

This space is for meeting and chatting with other queer folks in a low key situation. There will be board games, for folks who are so inclined, or you can just chat.

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Queer Boardgames and Mingling: Part Two!

Victory Point Cafe

Since the inaugural event went relatively well with only a few logistical bumps we're holding a second meetup! This time on a Tuesday night for people who can't make Wednesday nights. In the future we'll alternate between Tuesday and Wednesday each month. This is in the East Bay again but we are investigating San Francisco locations since it would be nice to alternate. If you have any ideas, we are open to suggestions. Come hang out and meet other queers in a low key setting, drink tea, and play some board games. This meetup is specifically for meeting new folks you might be interested in dating. If you want to play board games, the venue charges $5 per person (but it's free to just hang out :-) ) The night of I will update the group with a name of a board game which we will be playing under. You can then pay at the counter for your game pass and play under our tab! We will also provide name tags this time to ease the cognitive load of learning everyone names. The venue is accessible to folks in wheelchairs. Say your pronouns when you introduce yourself. Only act on enthusiastic consent. Unlike gender, consent is binary. You have enthusiastic consent or you do not have consent. Enthusiastic consent sounds like “Yes!” with an exclamation mark at the end. If you receive a response that is anything other than a clear and enthusiastic “yes!” we ask you to interpret that response as a no. (i.e., “Um, sure! Let me just go check in on my friend real quick…” That person may simply want to check on their friend, but it could be their way of not being comfortable saying no, and not wanting to offend. Don’t be afraid to say “no.” It’s not rude; in fact, it’s respectful to be clear and honest! Practice saying “No, thank you” out loud. If find yourself caught off-guard by a request and are not sure what to say, arm yourself with that response. If you hear “no,” don’t ask multiple times, or ask for an explanation. Be respectful when saying “no;” be respectful when hearing “no.” Do not touch anyone without their explicit consent. Everyone is in complete control of when, where, and if they are touched. Even if you are just touching someone on the shoulder to get their attention, try to get their attention verbally first.

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Queer Boardgames And Mingling: Inaugural Event!

Victory Point Cafe