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Queer Code Pride Edition

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Daniel I. and Kit M.
Queer Code Pride Edition


This month we have two wonderful speakers to help us celebrate Pride! We'll be providing food before the talks, and there will be time to hang out and relax afterwards with your fellow queer coders.

Arrival & food 6pm
Talk: Beth North - Imposter Syndrome as a Tester 6:45pm - 7:15pm
Talk: Billie Thompson - Becoming Scientists at the Office 7:15pm - 7:45pm
Leave 8:30pm

Beth North - Imposter Syndrome as a Tester

As a Woman in Tech, I’ve experienced my fair share of self-doubt. It wasn’t until a year or two ago that I learned of Imposter Syndrome, something clicked; like someone handed me a cheat sheet to a jigsaw puzzle. Since then I’ve been learning more about psychology and why people react in a certain way to situations and how my own mind fits into all of this. Nearly 70% of people in tech have said they’ve experienced Imposter Syndrome in some way. I want to take you on a journey through my career and what I’ve been doing to fight that Imposter Goblin. The one that won’t stop shouting when you’re trying to be your best self.

About Beth

Beth (she/her) is a Senior Software Test Engineer for one of the largest sports betting companies in the UK. She has worked in testing for 4 years, in a wide variety of testing disciplines and is always interested in learning more. In her free time, Beth is a gamer, foodie and gig-attendee; she has an avid interest in learning about science, medicine and history.
Twitter: @eccentrictester

Billie Thompson - Becoming Scientists at the Office

Muahahahaha, are you an evil scientist? Do you want to experiment on your colleges and co-workers? Do you want to get them using best software development practices while doing it? In this talk I will teach you how to use an experiment based model along with a series of practical exercises to keep your team running through mazes towards better products.

About Billie

Billie Thompson (she/her) is a cloud-native consultant working at Armakuni. She helps organisations move towards fast-moving, sustainable, modern development practices. Every team is different, but usually, she's helping teach Agile, DevOps and DDD practices at all skill levels.
Twitter: @purplebooth


The event room, toilets and kitchen facilities are all located on the 2nd floor, accessible by lift. There are no steps into the building. When you arrive, ring the buzzer and follow the signs to the 2nd floor. All toilets at Makers are gender-neutral.

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50-52 Commercial St, E1 6LT · London