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There are a lot of queer women in STEM fields, but there aren't a lot of central places to meet or socialise. I think I speak for all of us when I say we'd all like to get to know each other beyond the brief eye contact you hold with a woman who pings your queerdar. Not to mention the frustration of those of us who don’t look outwardly queer and consequently fly under the radar.

The group isn't just for STEM professionals. If you only like dabbling in related fields on your own and have never used it in a professional capacity, we would love to have you! I am currently a student myself, and I plan on hosting some fun low-key stuff (I'm assuming most of us are introverts). If buffets, escape rooms, board games, doodling and socializing in cafes sound like fun, I’m sure we’ll get along smashingly.

And this goes without saying, but this group is a queer-positive and feminist space that is meant to be safe for all queer ladies. Transphobia, biphobia, ageism, and other forms of discrimination are not welcome.

Here's to meeting awesome people!

(Hip hip array!)

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