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Making Connections.
Understanding Relationships - new skills and understanding dynamics for Queer Women.

Tuesday nights downtown Toronto 6 pm - 8 pm.

Have you ended a relationship and feel like you’re not over it? Do you live in fear that your partner will leave you all the time, or conversely, do you have trouble letting go of a partner even though you see the relationship is toxic? These and many more patterns can prevent us from enjoying the full, rich relationships we most desire as queer women.

Making Connections, facilitated by two accredited counselors, is intended for self-identified queer women* who want to explore relationship challenges through sharing. Research shows that exploration in a group setting is an excellent way to change behaviour. Here, you will find a supportive, compassionate environment where you can get curious about your relationship habits. You can learn how to be vulnerable and sit with the feelings that come up, and begin to engage with the sometimes hard work of reflecting on your past or current relationships. Develop new skills and paradigms to help you learn from your patterns, shift your approach to relationships and pick up authentic communication strategies to help you move toward whole, balanced relationships!

Meet other queer women you would never meet anywhere else and make connections.

*This group is open to all self-identified women (cis, trans, and non-binary people who feel comfortable in a women-centered space), who identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer or anywhere else on the queer spectrum. As well, the group takes a sex- and kink-positive approach, and is open to people navigating a wide range of relationship styles including poly/non-monogamy.

Rabbi Andrea Myers is an accredited counsellor with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care and Jane Walsh is an accredited Hendricks Institute Coach with an MSW. To Register, please Email (or direct message here): andrea@allofyou.ca

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