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WE'RE NEW! The more members we have, the more fun we can start, so don't worry, join today! :)

This meetup is for members of the ace community -asexuals, aromantics, demisexuals, and everybody else - who are hoping to find one (or two or three!) fantastic, deep, emotionally rewarding platonic partnerships. We have big group events, chances to check out the nightlife and to make connections, and opportunities to meet other members of the ace community who are also looking for that special platonic someone (or someones!)

So, wait, what exactly is a queerplatonic relationship?
Here's a definition that has always worked for me:
"A queerplatonic relationship (or "QPR") is one which is more intense and intimate than what most people regard as a friendship, not fitting the traditional romantic couple model or the traditional bounds of friendship. It can be characterized by a strong bond, affect, and emotional commitment not regarded by those involved as something beyond a friendship. It is a so-called platonic relationship, so it does not comprehend sexuality/eroticism or romance, although some people involved in light or non-traditional romantic relationship might also categorize themselves as being queerplatonic. As a non-romantic relationship, people in a queerplatonic relationship are not restricted to have just one queerplatonic partner ("QP" or "QPP").
(Taken from Aromantics Wiki, http://aromantic.wikia.com/wiki/Queerplatonic )

If you're looking to find someone to have adventures with, to talk to until three o'clock in the morning, to be deeply emotionally connected to, to cuddle and be affectionate with, but NOT to be romantically or sexually involved with, then this is the dating group for you!

NB: All are welcome here! However you define yourself, we agree with that definition. There will be absolutely no tolerance for discrimination or gatekeeping. We accept you, we want you here, and we value you, however you define or identify.

You don't have to be single, either! Are you a into poly platonic relationships? Are you involved in a long-term partnership, and would also like a QPR? Do your QPRs typically involve more than one person? Great, come on in!

Just be honest and straightforward with the people you meet, so that nobody gets hurt or confused, okay? Thanks.

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