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Our name says it all. In July 2015 we made our first beer as a group and it was amazing to have more than 20 queers show up! We want more people to come share in our love of homebrewing. Queers Makin' Beers is a community of queers teaching one another how to make their own beers while drinking beers we've made. We think it's necessary to create spaces free of racism, misogyny, sexism, homophobia, ableism, xenophibia, transphobia and judgement. We hold spaces for our community to thrive and support one another. Since our inception, QMB has developed into a rapidly growing group of queer folks who know how to have a great time and put together brew days that are educational, super relaxed, and fun. Everyone has a voice in the group, access to brew equipment, and encouragement from people who are knowledgeable and experienced in the art of making brew. Some arrive with incredible skills but most of us have learned what we know in our time as a QMB member. We also have a Sacramento chapter! Our goal is to make one beer each month (usually two) and have a planning meetup at a bar once each month. We do other cool stuff like make label art, enter homebrew competitions, make our own shirts, and go on beer-related adventures. Members can totally bring a not-queer plus one or two to any event. All members must be over the age of 21. Join us and start making beer!




Email: queersmakinbeersmartin@gmail.com

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Bottle and Chill- bottling and social event

Ground Floor Farm

Ale Brewing and Ale Bottling Date

Ground Floor Farm

Brew and Bottle Queer Beer!!!

Ground Floor Farm

Beer Tasting and Raspberry Wheat Ale 2nd Fermentaion

Ground Floor Farm

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