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This is a meetup about human connection — what's the secret ingredient behind meaningful, long-lasting connections?

We're on a journey to find out. Once a month (for starters) we'll present a different bonding experiment: facilitated conversations, weird social games, profound talks on hard themes and many others.

If you're interested in who people really are deep inside, welcome home =)

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A (very personal) open storytelling evening

Keith Bar

Once a month we host an experiment on human connection and ask ourselves the question: what if we communicated differently? If you're interested in who people really are — not what they're supposed to say or do, but who they are deep inside, welcome home! - - - This month's experiment: Bring a piece of you We’re all interested in who you are. But which part of you? Perhaps your name is very common, perhaps your hometown is just here. Yet we all know you’ve lived dramatic experiences! You’ve changed and evolved to the point that your younger self could barely recognise you. This is what shines in people’s life journeys: transformation! This month’s challenge is simple — bring an object that’s part of a transformation story you lived. A series of events that really impacted your current self. We’re going to show those objects and share those stories. Perhaps we will find ourselves in each other’s tales. If you’re not a skilled storyteller, you’re still more than welcome to join!!! Please don’t be shy — we need to open up a bit if we really want to connect. If you feel you need some guidance, we’re interested in: what happened, why it happened, how did you feel in each step of the way at the time and how do you feel about it now. We’re also interested in why you chose this object and this story and not any other one. It would be cool if you could bring a story that took a couple of minutes to tell — we're interested in deep tales! Bring your wildest memories for a drink! The order of storytellers is going to be decided randomly (probably names in a hat). You might show up just to listen, but it would make me really happy if you’d also be willing to share. Last month we had such a great time! Looking forward to see you again. Cheers and see you there! - - - 19:30 Open doors 20:00 We start the experiment +- 22:00 Experiment officially over, but hey we're still around

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Deep conversation ritual

Keith Bar

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