What we're about

This is a group of people - Christians, theists, skeptics, spiritually conscious, atheists, agnostics, and more - who want to get together to discuss questions related to God and the world around us.

Basically, if we could get together and ask God--if he exists--some questions, what would they be? Let's discuss those questions together in a relaxed, comfortable environment for people of all sorts of different beliefs. 
No proselytizing allowed, just thoughtful dialogue and a mutual respect for one another and their beliefs!

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What is Basic Religious Literacy?

Online event

It's often said that religion is a key feature of human culture and experience, and that knowledge of how it works is essential to understanding the socio-political world. What's "Basic Religious Literacy" for a 21st century person in Minnesota? In our first session for 2022, we will explore this and related questions, such as 1) whether religion should have a bigger role in public education (e.g. the high school curriculum), and 2), if so, how it might be taught.

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2021 Final MEetup Event

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