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Wine centric events, but we get a little weird (in a good way) too! Yes we'll have plenty of wine & food pairing events, and some will be flat out normal, but expect wine tastings paired to the unexpected. How 'bout wines paired to the Portland Trailblazers starting five? Or your astrological sign? We're committed to make this fun, and support novices in feeling like experts, and experts in remembering to play! We'll look for restaurants where we can kick up our appreciation of pairing wine & food, both by bringing wine with us, and by talking out pairings between menu & wine list. The passion behind this group lives in organic and biodynamic winemaking so expect selections for many events to feature wines and educational opportunities around this theme. The group will start with events centered around Pairings Portland Wine Shop & Bar. We are looking for more organizers and venues supporting of the theme of the group, and feel free to message us on ideas or to become an organizer yourself! Cheers!

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10 For 10--All Organic for Earth Day

Pairings Portland Wine Shop & Bar

Wine Tasting to Kick Ass Women of Marvel Comics

Pairings Portland Wine Shop & Bar

Find a New House Wine--10 For 10!

Pairings Portland Wine Shop & Bar

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