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Welcome to the "Quit Your Day Job and Be a Screenwriter" group!

The decision to leave your current job and pursue a job as a screenwriter is daunting and seemingly insurmountable, especially in the DMV area where it seems almost everyone is an professional.

There are a lot of meet-up groups that focus on writing and critiquing, but not many that I have seen that focus on building a support group to help get you through the self-doubt and fear associated with relinquishing the security of a full-time day job to the jump into the unknown and uncertain.

If you are looking for a community that will support you that journey, look no further.

The goal of this group is facilitate the connection between similarly situated individuals who feel unfulfilled in their current position and, despite the lack of support from friends and family and the reality that success in the industry is not guaranteed, feel a strong calling to seriously pursue screenwriting as a career.

Our events will range from social gatherings to table reads and/or script critiques.

I hope this group will attract people who want to: find a sense of belonging, help others feel less alone, be supportive and respectful of each member's scripts and ideas, and develop their writing for submission to screenwriting competitions/festivals, etc.


Upcoming events (1)

Accountability Screenwriting Workshop - Script Critiques

Our next meet-up will be a working session. Feedback is imperative to improving our writing skills. What better way to do it than with some cool people! If you plan on attending, please bring at least 5 pages (10 pages max.) of one of your projects for us to read and critique. It can be a screenplay or treatment. There will be a table read followed by feedback and comments. Part of the mission of this group is to keep everyone motivated to write EVERY DAY. That being said, even unfinished work is welcome. Just get something on the page! If you cannot make it, please let me know. If it is for location reasons, let me know in advance - perhaps we can adjust the location. Please note that inactive, unresponsive or perpetually unavailable members will eventually be removed. These sessions will be bi-weekly, as I believe it is imperative for all of us to be focused and dedicated on getting our writing career started. Hope to see you there! Happy writing :)

Past events (2)

NOVA Film Festival Meet-up

Angelika Film Center & Café at Mosaic

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