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Hi, Seekers! Welcome to the group.

Since I began studying Tantra, it's been apparent to me that Western neo-Tantra is overwhelmingly White, Cis, and Heteronormative. It's important to me that we change that culture by nurturing a juicy container for nonconforming and gender-fluid bodies to practice sacred sexuality, and feel welcome in it.

Most of you have known me long enough to hear me wax political, philosophical, spiritual and ardent about this vision. For now, please think about who you know that's woo, that's asked about sacred sex, that is invested in decolonizing eros, and invite them here.

Urban Tantra by Barbara Carellas is the model I intend to follow for energy exercises, building our awareness of individual subtle energy circuits.

Tantra in Sanskrit means warp or underlying principle. Having been granted sovereignty by my elders to impart a vision for Qadishtu and Tantrikas towards balance, healing, and harmony -- integral to that vision is subjective experience and practice. Softening binarism and embracing spectrum in all its forms.

So it begins. <3

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