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Sura 103: Law of Entropy (Conference Call)

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We will discuss following verse:

Law of Entropy

Sura 103

By the passage of Time,

Verily, man is in loss,

Except those who develop faith, and do good deeds,

And join together in the mutual teaching of Truth,

And of patience and constancy.

Suppose you buy a piece of land and leave it unattended. In a few days, weeds will start growing. Passersby will throw garbage in it. Rats and snakes will come to live there. With the passage of time, it will become an ugly and dangerous place. For this piece of land to be neat and beautiful, you have to work regularly on its upkeep. In physics, the law of entropy is known. It says that disorder increases in a system with time unless you supply energy to it.

This sura points out that the law of entropy applies to human life also. The chaos in your life will increase with time unless you live with faith. The sura gives a prescription for living with faith. How this is to be applied in our lives will be discussed in our meeting.