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Surah 93-Ad Duha (Presented by Dr Sultan Abdulhameed)

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Dr Sultan Abdulhameed will present Surah 93-Ad Duha.

By the brightness of the morning, and by the night when it grows dark,
Your Lord has neither forsaken you, nor does He despise you

Surely what comes later will be better for you than what came before,
And your Lord will soon give you that with which you will be pleased.
Did He not find you an orphan and has He not taken care of you?
Did He not find you wandering in error and has He not guided you?
Did He not find you needy and has He not enriched you?
Therefore, do not oppress the orphan,
And do not repulse the one who asks for help.
And recount the favors of your Lord.
Each of us goes through periods of pessimism, loneliness, or gloom when we feel that life is not working for us. Our efforts seem to go nowhere, and there is no help in sight. It is natural to feel pessimistic and hopeless in such a condition.
We can overcome the depressing feelings in such times by recalling the successes of the past, the hurdles we have overcome. Each of us can think back to situations where the doors that were closed opened to new and better opportunities, by the grace of God.

The practice of recalling past successes to lift gloom is taught in this sura. How it is applied in difficult situations will be discussed in our meeting.

Dr Sultan Abdulhameed teaches the Quran at the Muslim Reform Movement Organization in New york in their weekly meetings. His method of teaching focuses on one aya at a time in the interactive method of learning from each person's insight about the aya being discussed. Dr Sultan Abdulhammed has also written a book called "The Quran and The Life of Excellence" and he will be presenting excerpt from his book.


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