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Sura 13 Aya 35 (Conference Call)

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Sura 13 Aya 35

The parable of the paradise promised to those who are conscious of God is that of a garden,

It is watered by running streams: eternal are its fruits and eternal are its shades,

Such is the destiny of those who are conscious of God—just as the destiny of those who deny the truth is the fire.

This description is a parable; it is not a literal portrayal. What does it really say about heaven? All the descriptions of paradise in the Quran: flowing water, dark shade under thick trees, silk clothing, being seated on thrones of honor, fragrant drinks, for a man there are many women who desire him, and for a woman, there is the lasting companionship with her man—these are various ways of invoking bliss and delight.

Note that bliss, delight, and happiness are feelings; they are not material. In several suras the Quran describes character traits of people who attain lasting happiness, here and in the hereafter. One such example from Sura 13 will be discussed in our meeting.

Note: Our discussions are based on Quran commentaries in the book " The Quran and The Life of Excellence". You can obtain a copy from or Barnes&