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Sura 17 Aya 70-presented by Dr Sultan Abdulhameed

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Dr Sulatn Abdulhameed will present the following Aya:

Indeed, We have conferred dignity on the children of Adam, carried them over land and sea, provided for them nourishment out of good things, and endowed them far above most of Our creation.

This aya points to an important spiritual reality: the intrinsic worth of man because of his great potential. Everyone knows this truth instinctively. For this reason, the most important need of a human being is to feel valued, to be respected, and to be honored.

God has infused His breath in the human being and, therefore, each person has great worth. In the present stage of the world’s spiritual development, many people still evaluate each other by external criteria of wealth and appearance. Those who are poor or diseased or come across as “different” are looked down upon by many. To establish a society in which each person’s value is recognized is the main work of civilization. This is achieved when everyone has the same rights and the same opportunity. To make a deliberate effort to realize this goal is the task God has assigned to each of us.

Dr Sultan Abdulhameed teaches the Quran at the Muslim Reform Movement Organization in New york in their weekly meetings. His method of teaching focuses on one aya at a time in the interactive method of learning from each person's insight about the aya being discussed. Dr Sultan Abdulhammed has also written a book called "The Quran and The Life of Excellence" and he will be presenting excerpt from his book.


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