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Sura 13 Ayas 9–11

He knows what is hidden and what is open; the Almighty, the Exalted

It is the same whether any of you thinks quietly or speaks aloud and whether he is hidden by the night or is out in the day

With each person there are forces behind him and ahead of him coming in succession: they preserve him at the behest of God.

Verily, God does not change people’s condition unless they change their inner selves

And when God causes people to suffer misfortune, there is no averting it, and they will not find any protector besides Him.

Everyone wants their condition to be better. Life has brought us situations in which we are unhappy and we wish our lives could improve. These ayas point out that God will help change our life if we change what is in our nafs, in the deep part of us. The controls for changing our circumstances are not in what we see around us, but within us, in the invisible parts of us, where our thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs reside.

This is because in order to change anything, we have to take some action. But the action a person takes, or whether a person takes action or remains passive depends on what he or she thinks and feels. And our thoughts and feelings emerge out of our deeply held beliefs. Applications of these insights to our daily lives will be discussed in our meeting.

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