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6:30PM pizza and networking
7:00PM Announcements
7:15PM Jim Porzak will reprise his User-R talk
7:30 Karim Chine
8:45 end of event


What the cloud can do for R

Karim Chine1,*

Cloud computing is the answer to the explosion of data and while the cloud already provides infinite scalability for storage, data analysis in the cloud is still making its first steps. Elastic-R proposes to build on top of Infrastructure-as-service-style clouds, such as EC2, a ubiquitous collaborative virtual environment for participatory data analysis. The Elastic-R frameworks leverages the programability of EC2 and propose new abstractions for building robust Analytics-as-a-Service capabilities in the cloud. Thanks to those frameworks, rapid analytical applications/services prototyping and publication is dramatically simplified and becomes accessible to the vast majority of data scientists. Finally, thanks to the ""elasticR" package, the cloud and its manipulation become accessible from the R command line as well as real-time collaboration and the sharing of all the produced artifacts.

The presentation will give an overview of Elastic-R and will demonstrate its main capabilities.


[1] Elastic-R Platform, .

[2] Karim Chine (2010). Open science in the cloud: towards a universal platform for scientific and statistical computing. In: Furht B, Escalante A (eds) Handbook of cloud computing, Springer, USA, pp 453–474. ISBN 978-1-4419-6524-0.

[3] Karim Chine (2010). Learning math and statistics on the cloud, towards an EC2-based Google Docs-like portal for teaching / learning collaboratively with R and Scilab, icalt, pp.752-753, 2010 10th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies.

Short biography:

Karim chine is a software architect, an entrepreneur and a European commission's cloud computing and research infrastructures' expert. After graduating from the French Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom ParisTech, he occupied various positions within Industry and Academia. Karim was a stuff member respectively at Schlumberger, IBM, EBI and Imperial College London. He is the founder of cloud era, a UK-based start-up specializing in Scientific software-as-a-service. Karim is the author and designer of Elastic-R, a pioneering Virtual Research Environment for scientific and statstical computing, reproducible research and collaboration in the cloud.


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