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RAINMAKERS IL is an initiative to promote the sales area amongst Israeli sales professionals and entrepreneurs to support the rapid growth and maturation of Israel's technology companies. Promotes a national vision to turn Israel from “The Start-Up Nation” to “The Scale-Up Nation.” Amongst our activities you can find:

* Od podcast for sales - A professional series on sales for startups with Israeli sales leaders. The series is part of the "Od Podcast" show that produced in partnership with 'Globes'.
* TISF (The Israel Sales Forum) - a unique group that for the first time brings together the entrepreneurs and the sales professionals communities.
* Round-tables for Sales executives - closed meetings that focus on growth and scale challenges and creates an opportunity for the participants to, collaborate, learn from top-tier professionals and connect with like-minded sales leaders.
* Exclusive sales workshop for eraly-stage startups with top-israeli sales leaders

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Execute Inside Sales while in Quarantine

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Top Of The Funnel

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