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5021 NY-86

Run's website: http://rednewtracing.com/Whiteface LET'S CARPOOL, please post comments below if you're looking for a ride or willing to offer a ride and split the cost. Whiteface sits on more true vertical gain than all but 14 other ski resorts in North America and more than any resort east of the Rockies. From its sharp and exposed form to an entrance lined with the rings and flags of the world telling of its place in past and current Olympic activity, Whiteface is iconic. Whether you're keen on throwing down w/ some of the best mountain runners in the world for US Sky Running points, or whether you're just up for a beautiful weekend in the ADK's, the resort and the town of Wilmington will provide the pitch perfect venue for an amazing weekend of hard efforts, awesome experiences, and the wonderful community which defines the best of trail running. Red Newt Racing, Whiteface Mountain, and the town of Wilmington are stoked to have you. Saturday will provide entrants the brilliant opportunity to redline while hiking…i.e. it's pretty steep. All of it. Be sure to take a moment to stop, look up toward some of the best mountain runners in the world shuffling forward to the finish, back toward fellow entrants of all ages, shapes, and sizes moving toward the summit, and around at the brilliant Adirondack Peaks enveloping you. You don't get any of those sites often…soak it up. Weather/conditions permitting we’ll have post-race festivities with food and awards at the summit and encourage all entrants to stick around and get loud for every last finisher. Collectively let’s bring some European energy to the top of Whiteface. Saturday will also offer (weather/gondola permitting) a kids Sky Climber race. Entrants will be accompanied up the gondola by their parents to the start below the last pitch of the adult VK. With or without their parents they’ll follow the VK line to the summit finish. Sunday will provide two of the steepest alpine loops you'll find anywhere, in any country, interspersed with a recovery roller loop. Your legs will be pretty thrashed, your lungs pretty worked, but you'll have completed a pretty incredible feet. For the course, entrants will have three options: 25k solo SkyRace which entails 1 alpine loop, a flume loop, and another alpine loop. New this year will be Marshak’s Memorial Mountain Race, a single quad and lung crushing alpine loop 8k, and in tribute to Nick Marshak who passed away during the 2018 Sky Race running. $5 from each entry in 2019 will go toward a fund that his family feels aligned most with Nick. 3-Person 25k relay option with exchange points at the base Aid Station (team member 1 is on Alpine, 2 is on Flume, 3 is on Alpine).


Race info (and registration) is here: http://escarpmenttrail.com/ LET'S CARPOOL, please post a comment below if you're looking for a ride or willing to offer a ride and split the cost. THE ESCARPMENT TRAIL RUN IS FOR MOUNTAIN GOATS ONLY!!! The Escarpment Trail is a very remote, rugged hiking trail in the Northern Catskill Mountains in New York State. This single track trail crosses no roads, has total elevation changes of nearly 10,000 feet, and requires all aid to be backpacked in by volunteers. This is not for your average runner but for the runner who trains 12 months a year, and has spent years building a base and gaining long distance experience. Therefore, qualifying standards are required to insure that all participants have experience with endurance events and have a reasonable chance of completing the course within 6 hours. THE TRAIL... is viewed by many as an exaggeration of the term. It is extremely rocky and a runner must expect to navigate over boulders, downed trees, gullies and hidden roots the entire distance. Contestants must be prepared to deal with any of the forest's natural barriers, such as bees, slippery rocks, porcupines, black bears (not probable, but possible) and anything else that can be found in the forests of the Catskills. There are numerous places where runners must climb hand over fist to scale a rise, conversely, extremely steep downhill sections add not only challenge to the course, but also a high degree of unwelcome danger. There are sections of the course that travel along cliffs. If you're not careful, you could fall to your death. Very few runners go the distance without taking at least one painful spill. Most runners take many. Believe me, you're going to take a flop or two, or more. Bees!!! In 1987, we ran into lots of them. If you are allergic to bee stings, you MUST run with your own medication. Escarpment Trail: view from the top A veiw of finish at North-South Lake from North Point 2.5 miles to the finish! THIS IS NOT A CARRIAGE TRAIL... it is a treacherous hiking trail. There won't be a vehicle to fetch you if you if you should decide to quit and it is your responsibility to get to the finish line.This is not a Run-For-All and we are not trying to hype it or make it something it is not. There won't be people telling you where the trail goes, doctors to wipe your blisters, or a bus to give you a ride to the finish if you decide you can't continue. This is a wonderful run across wonderful country, a run in which we will share the experience and the friendship with those qualified runners who choose to participate. No awards, no age group categories. Just runners, mountains, and some refreshments at the finish line. QUALIFYING STANDARDS... The following standards have been set up for accepting entries. We CANNOT accept your entry if you don't meet these standards. We reserve the right to accept or reject any entry. Due to trail limitations, entries will close at 200 runners or on July 24th, whichever comes first. These qualifying standards are put in place to insure that runners are in condition to safely complete the event in 6 hours. Please don't ask us to accept any qualifier under a road marathon or 30k trail run. At least one of these standards must have been met after August 1 of last year. Anyone who completed the previous year's Escarpment Trail Run in 6 hours or less. Anyone who completed a half-iron man triathlon competition in 6 hours or less. Anyone who completed a full iron man triathlon in 13 hours or less. Anyone who completed a 50 miler in under 10 hours, a 50K under 5 hours, or a marathon under 4:15. Add 1 1/2 hrs. for a trail race. NO ONE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE. If you do not meet any of the qualifying standards above but have run a trail race of 20 miles or longer (ie. a distance not specified above) within double the time of that race's winner, you are eligible to submit an application. Acceptance is pending our review. Entries will be mailed out the last week of May to all those who ran last year and for those who have sent in a SASE. I probably won't be able to make it there this year, but trust me, this is one of the best trail running courses in the US. Let's request/offer carpooling in the comments below.

Lucifer's Crossing Run

105 Enfield Falls Rd

Run's website: http://rednewtracing.com/LucifersCrossing LET'S CARPOOL, please post comments below if you're looking for a ride or willing to offer a ride and split the cost. 6.66 miles w/ devils in the details. Just short enough to push hard. But how to do it. The first 3 miles which takes you up 1,400 feet w/ countless stairs….the calf and lung burn tapered only by the beauty of the trail and waterfalls you'll pass? Or save it in hopes of letting it all go on the final flowing 3 miles of single-track…rolling as fast as your quad's breaking will allow you to move.

Water Gap 50K Run

Milford Beach

Run's website: http://rednewtracing.com/WaterGap LET'S CARPOOL, please post comments below if you're looking for a ride or willing to offer a ride and split the cost. Historically, the Delaware Water Gap encompasses a scenic stretch of the Delaware River, framed by thousand foot hillsides, steeped in Native and Early American History, and is inspiring throughout. In the mid 1900's active communities throughout the Gap were claimed on behalf of a planned hydroelectric dam project. Public, environmental activist, and political resistance to the project, paired w/ a finding of proximity to a geologic fault line halted the project and the land was transferred to public hands as a National Recreation area. Milford Beach Day Use Area sits just outside of the great scenic small town of Milford, PA and is our staging venue. With quaint local shops, dining, and theater Milford is a destination in and of itself. The Beach Park hosts the terminus of the McDade Trail, offering ample parking, a great pavilion, proximity to the town of Milford, and situated on a beautiful smooth running stretch of the Delaware River. It’s been our hope to put on a flattish, beautiful trail event in cooler fall conditions, and as color starts to change in the surrounding forests. Hopefully you’ll have solid fitness from a summer of miles but legs saying they need a rest from technicality and climbing, or which are primed for a PR. Logistically entrants will check-in either Friday day before the race, or race morning, and board buses for transport to the start at Haileah (50K) or Jerry Lees (25k). Once you’re off, the McDade Trail will provide you either 15 or 31 miles of point to point traversing of the gap over predominately rolling cindered path and trail. It’s an amazing resource that we’re able to use for a fast and scenic fall trail run.

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