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REAL-ationships™ is a social networking and personal development group created by Relationship Coach Dave Elliott of Legendary Love For Life. It’s designed for people who are serious about finding a partner and are ready for the REAL thing. The group’s mission is to bring together great people who want more out of their lives and their partnerships with others. Does that sound good so far?

We’ve all had relationships that didn’t go the way we wanted them. I know I have...and at some point, I had to realize the only thing those relationships had in common was me. That’s why I spent more than a dozen years after my own painful divorce learning from the best of the best in the field of relationships. It’s also why I’ve made it my mission to share with others the secrets I’ve learned, too. The great news is that I’ve had some outstanding success in helping my clients leave behind or transform relationships that kept them stuck. I’ve watched them attract incredible new partners...get engaged...and even get married! Want to see for yourself? Check out these testimonials:



If you’re ready to attract and meet someone really special, this will be a great place to learn how to be the very best you can be while meeting other like-minded and available people in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. If you want to quickly learn how to get out of your own way and attract quality partners – REAL-ationships™ is the place for you. Maybe you’d like to transform a potential partnership that just isn’t where you need it to be...we can help you there, too. Each meeting, we’ll have a short, targeted piece of content, maybe an activity to generate discussion and we’ll also share a meal while getting to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere.

REAL-ationships™ is right for you if:

• You are committed to attracting top-quality people into your social circle. Show me the 5 people you’re closest to and I will show you your life.

• You are ready to get out and have fun and look forward to attending our events!

* You’re ready to forgive yourself for what you didn’t know at the time, learn from your past mistakes and find out about a better way that works.

• You want to develop new skills, awareness and behaviors that will attract the partner of your dreams.

• You’re willing to stop making the same mistakes over and over again and quickly learn a smarter way that feels a lot better, too.

• You want to be comfortable in any social setting and develop close friendships with others in a warm, mutually supportive environment.

• You’re open to being the man or woman you need to be in order to have what you say you want.

One last thing. As you learn a better way, you’re willing to help others also. If this sounds like you, you’re ready for REAL-ationships™! I welcome you and look forward to serving you. Let’s create something great together!

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Dear REALationships members, We've been on hiatus for a while due to my travel schedule but I'm planning to hold our next event in April so keep an eye out for upcoming announcements. http://www.meetup.com/REAL-ationships Also I have great news for those of you who haven't yet attended one of our live events. Even though you've missed a lot of great content and life-changing tips, you can now access some of that information from the privacy of your own home. Unfortunately, for our guy members...I didn't create videos for you...this one's mostly meant for the ladies. You'll still have to come to the events. Recently I set up a brand new, video-based website called www.manmagnetics.com that features hours of FREE VIDEO training designed to help women understand and appreciate men even better so they can bring out the best in them – rather than suffer through their worst. In the 1st video, I share the 9 items on every man's secret checklist that helps him decide whether a woman is a "keeper" – or if she's one he'll want to keep away from – and that's just the beginning. This new content is the real deal and if you're not having the luck you want in relationships, you simply MUST check this out. It's so powerful and life-changing, one of OUR OWN MEMBERS went from not dating anyone at the time she first learned it to MARRIED – and she credits The ManMagnetics Formula™ with turning it all around. That's pretty impressive, right? Check out the video for yourself... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-CKc8GWgk0&feature=share&list=UUa-hto4K6Fzvp-roOnWLisQ Now that you've seen real proof of the game-changing information I'm sharing – FOR FREE – I have just one more question for you. What are you doing here still?!?! Go check this out now! Seriously...this just might be the miracle that changes everything...click below to access the site and you can be watching the first video in minutes... Check out site now - www.manmagnetics.com If you have any questions, or just need a little more help, as always, I'm here to help you have all the love you deserve. When you're ready to get beyond the struggle, feel free to give me a call. Dave [masked] [masked] Skype: coach.dave.eliott

REAL-ationships™ Update
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Hello, friends. This group will be on hold for a while since I am currently living abroad but it will resume when I return. For now, I want to share this beautiful success story that happened right in this very group! I hope you enjoy it...and if you have any questions, please reach out to me thru meetup or thru my email below. Sending my very best always! Dave Today, I gratefully celebrate another success story in my business – the birth of my client's first son. Here's why this is especially remarkable: When I first met his Mom, she was a frustrated, burned-out doctor who was working too much and living too little. She had given up on dating and resigned herself to having "nice things" and eventually traveling...alone. She had given up on having a baby even though she really wanted to be a Mom. Essentially, she was planning her life around her fears and limiting beliefs rather than her goals or dreams. She came to one of my events to learn how to have more success in dating and it changed her life in just one evening...but even I had no idea just how drastically at the time. That's because we only spoke briefly as she thanked me when she was leaving. She came back the next month with a friend and asked to speak with me after the event. That was when I found out she had started dating someone and she was so excited. Eventually, she got engaged and was married. Now her baby has arrived and she is knows that her life will never be the same. It's incredibly humbling and an honor to serve my clients in creating the life of their dreams. If you're ready to get beyond your fears, live the life of your dreams and have all the love you deserve, I invite you to reach out. Email me personally at [masked] and we'll get started immediately. https://www.facebook.com/LegendaryLoveForLife/photos/a.211863072242246.45355.128729330555621/662032360558646/?type=1&theater

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