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For decades, the industry has discriminated against money-saving real estate businesses and engaged in anti-competitive and unfair business practices. This month marks the 10th Anniversary of the Joint FTC / DOJ report on Competition in the Real Estate Brokerage Industry.


Time for the DOJ / FTC to revisit anti-competitive / unfair business practices in real estate; or in this Trump era of deregulation and “Consumer Protect Thyself,” should real estate consumers and industry reformers host their own Nader-style DIY Truth Commissions?

Maybe we can start by using MeetUp to host a series of real estate roundtables leading up to two 25th anniversaries this Fall: Ralph Nader delivered his first speech on real estate (10/28/92); and a keynote speaker at the Consumer Federation of America's annual Financial Services Conference called real Estate is the "Sleeping Giant of the Consumer Movement” (12/2/92)

If you've been manipulated by BLIND bidding wars or conflicts of interest in real estate, the need for industry reform is painfully obvious. Should we start a consumer movement in real estate by coauthoring a Homebuyers Bill of Rights?

What else? Here are some idea starters:


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