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Are you aware of the crisis?

Here's how you know: How lonely are you?

If you're not, how many lonely people do you know?

Let's have the courage to admit it: When it comes to loneliness, it's not a matter of if we're lonely, but how much we're struggling with it.

Young adults report loneliness as their biggest struggle by far.

There's a better way.

RED is a community of Christians who are on mission with Jesus to fight the epidemic of loneliness among young adults. We have one life, and we are sick of missing out on one of the main gifts God gives us: genuine relationships with a purpose that is worth sacrificing and getting messy for. If you are getting excited and challenged reading this, don't waste another second. Sign-up for the Nashville launch on December 29th. It's not too late. You'll sense the crisis, catch the vision, and be called to help build something great in Jesus' name.

We'll see you and your crew on the 29th. Lonely people are all around us: even our close friends! So spread the word, invite, and join the launch!

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