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REI MasterMind (Honolulu) is a close-knit group of active, experienced Real Estate Investors. Employing MasterMind concepts, we commit to support and advise each other in creating wealth through investing in real estate, here in Hawaii, on the US mainland, and internationally.

We come together to share deals, funding, expertise, and resources. We are all experienced investors - every member has completed at least one investment deal, every member is important, and everyone has something to contribute.

Our group meets every-other month on the first Tuesday of that month.

General Meeting Agenda:

1- Active networking & introductions.
2- Analysis of a real deal. Run the numbers, explain due diligence.
3- Problem-solving segment & Hot topic open discussion.
4- Local housing market trends.
5- 'Deals available' segment.
6- Main learning topic: "Funding deals with private money"
7- Inspirational segment.


Note: One thing you won't find here, is sales pitches! Too many REIA clubs have gone downhill by continually bombarding their members with pitch-fests. As our name implies, this is a MasterMind group - we're here to network, learn from each other, and Do Deals.

To Attend: The group is open to all experienced real estate investors. To attend a meeting:

1- You must be invited by a current member, or

2- You can simply request an invite by contacting us here (the group administrators).

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Experienced Investor Meetup

Keller Williams Honolulu

Joins us as a very experienced investor, Hawaibahia Investments, LLC, shares his developments and other deals. Agenda: 1 - Our meetings will always start off with introductions of the new investors in the room. 2 - Next, we'll just go around and talk briefly about what we're working on in our business this month. This will become a time of learning for everyone else, as well as a good way to find someone to speak to off-line about something you want to implement. 3 - From there, we'll dive right into a problem that someone has in their business. Whether we're going into someone's numbers on a deal, giving feedback about their business structure, or suggesting contractor referrals, the point of this time is to tear apart someone's problem and help them creatively find a solution. 4 - We'll close each session with each person stating what they're COMMITTED to finishing before our next meeting. Attendance: - Ideally, this group will not be much larger/smaller than about 20 people as this seems to be the 'sweet spot' for masterminds like this. (There's just enough time for everyone to speak, and just enough people that the speaking is worth listening to) Notes: - Food will ALWAYS be provided. Good conversations always happen over food. $5 due at door. - We will ALWAYS start on time. For meetings like this, there's no time for aloha time. You're welcome to come in 15 minutes early to hang out and talk, but the great conversations usually come after the meeting anyway. If you show up 'on time', chances are you're going to miss something. - Full participation is nearly demanded. Other REI meetings generally have 1 or 2 people who do all the talking. This REI meeting is not structured that way. We will be laser-focused on giving tailored feedback to one person at a time, not general/theoretical learning for a 'class'. If you are shy, not transparent, or have a hard time taking constructive feedback....this probably isn't the right Meetup for you. No-No's: This group is NOT for people with a scarcity mentality, as we will be sharing information that will help *other* people get deals. This group is NOT a venue that is ok to pitch your training, product, affiliate service, etc. This group is NOT for brand new investors. To be candid, we all want to learn, so please don't be the one to ask questions that are more appropriate for a Bigger Pockets forum.

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Experienced Investor Meetup

Keller Williams Honolulu

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