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'Drink & Grow Rich'... & Speed Networking!
7:45PM - 8PM - Open Networking 8PM-815 PM - Presentation on monthly topic and discussion 815PM - 930PM - Speed networking: 10 minutes per person and switch! 930PM-10PM - Hang out and discuss investing with other members. Open networking. Make sure you join the Facebook group: And the mainpage Hui Group: Newbies welcome! Check out these resources: Rent-to-Value Ratio: How Mom & Pop investors Fail: Turn Key Rentals: Video how to make 35% annual returns investing: And many more: is for working professionals who are looking for diversification and better returns outside of traditional investments such as mutual funds and stocks. The Hui Deal Pipeline Club ( is a free investor club where I filter investments and underwrite the numbers and partners myself. Unlike other investor lists and groups, my investors have personal access to me and know that I personally have skin in the game investing alongside with my investors.

Needs a location

What we're about

There was a limit on characters we could use on a title but what we wanted to make it was:

"Passive Real Estate Investing for the the uncle/aunty who get one job already and not looking for another one and may or may not like said job but they want to explore real estate investing cause some other dude or gal told them that is how to build plenty of wealth"

The Story Behind this...

A few of us local investors wanted to get together and talk about our rental properties, unfortunately, our significant others would let us out of the house more often if it was a bigger group. Honestly, it kinda sucks how we can't talk about this stuff at work because a lot of people are brain washed into thinking that the 401K mutual funds will be enough for their family.

Some of us are on the way to that freedom number (where your passive income from rentals exceed your expenses) and we wanted to give back and help others get started in investing whether it was a first home or rental property on the mainland.

As our group expands it attracts 'Bad Actors' and I will play 'Watch Dog'. If you want to sell MLM or referral based products including education products (which as you can tell drives me bonkers since I am fundamentally against large companies getting rich off the backs of individuals) this is not the group for you. I need everyone's help to be 'Border Collies' and alert me when someone is not being cool.

Come kick it with a bunch of cool folks. We can organize some dinners, parties, wine events & fun stuff!

Make sure you are added to the Facebook page cause's interface is screwy.

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Feel free to add other like minded people!

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Here's to getting everyone out of the stock market!

HUI Ohana - Let's accomplish together, what we cannot do alone!

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