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Reiki Drum is run by Sarah Gregg, a Reiki Master Teacher who has been practising since 1999. She holds small Reiki Classes from beginners Level (Shoden/Level One) through to Master Teacher level in the traditional Japanese Usui Reiki system. She also holds Karuna Practitioner and Master Teacher classes. She introduced Reiki Drumming into the UK and holds Reiki Drum practitioner and Master Teacher trainings. She runs a regular Reiki share for students who train with her as well as holding many adhoc Reiki community events and residential retreats in beautiful spots around the UK. If you are are interested in stepping onto the Reiki path or furthering your Reiki studies, as well as incorporating Reiki with sound as in Karuna or Reiki Drumming, then this group is for you!

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Reiki First Degree (Shoden) Course



Shoden introduces the student to the Reiki energy by a series of attunements. It is the beginning of the Reiki path of self healing and transformation and enables you to treat yourself and others. Course Structure •Gentle Chi Kung movements introducing the Three Diamonds and the Hara •Meditations and Visualisations •What Reiki is and how it works •History and Origins of Reiki •The Reiki Precepts •Four Reiki First Degree Attunements •Practical Energy Exercises •The Human Energy System and Chakras •Power of Intention •How to carry out self-treatment – Practical •How to treat others – Practical •Protection Techniques •The Reiki Shower Technique •Experiences during Reiki Treatments (Giving/Receiving) •Treating Animals •Other uses for Reiki •Understanding your Body’s language •Looking after oneself •Reiju Empowerment Stepping on to the Reiki path, you will commence a remarkable journey of self discovery, development, healing and love. Reiki can be practised by anyone, and can be used purely for your own self development if you so wish, although many who receive attunements are guided to use it to help others. Each new level of Reiki allows you to develop yourself further leading you to fulfil your true potential, and enables you to be a healing light for others. If you practise other therapies, either allopathic or alternative, it can enhance those treatments you already offer. Reiki is not affiliated with any religious dogma or based on any belief, faith or suggestion. It is based on the direct experience of those who practise it. To gain the most from your Reiki course, you may wish to prepare yourself beforehand. Receiving Reiki Attunements is a special spiritual experience and balancing your energies prior to the course will help to enhance the process for you. It can be beneficial to follow a natural wholefood diet for a few days before an attunement. Some people like to follow a "detox" regime. The main aim is to eliminate processed foods and the level of toxins in your body. Also aim to drink at least two litres of water every day and cut down or cut out caffeine drinks and other stimulants. It is preferable to eliminate alcohol from your diet for a few days before and after the attunements. Try and spend some quality "me" time for yourself. This can incorporate a host of things. Disciplines such as yoga, meditation, tai chi or chi-gung are good ways of preparing your body's energies for the attunements. All Reiki courses are certificated. Reiki Manuals and class material are included in the course fee. A deposit is required for each course with the balance due prior to the course date. Small informal classes are held regularly in Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire.Our Reiki Classes are held throughout the year. We always think it's a good idea to speak to Sarah on the telephone before attending a class so that anything can be discussed in advance of the training. On registration you will be sent a comprehensive letter outlining what to bring, times of classes etc. Course dates for Level One Trainings for 2020: 4th & 5th April •18th & 19th July •3rd & 4th October



The Reiki Drum Technique Prerequisite - Reiki II trained No Musical Experience Necessary Course Structure •Preparation of Self •Creating Sacred Space •Space Clearing & Preparation with Essence •Honouring the Seven Sacred Directions Meditation Ceremony •Reiki Drum Selection Ceremony •What is The Reiki Drum Technique? quote•Origins of Reiki Drumming™ •Scientific Research on Drumming & Its Healing Powers •Reiki Drum Journey - Soul Retrieval Technique •Group Drumming - Practical •Reiki Drum Attunement •The Power of Thought •Reiki Drum Healing - Basic Technique •Giving and Receiving a Drum Healing Session - Practical •Reiki Drum - Journey Technique •Giving and Receiving a Journey Session - Practical •Professional Ethics for Practitioners & Code of Conduct •Intuitively working with Reiki and the Drum - Practical work with symbols •Reiki Drum Mental/Emotional Reprogramming Technique •Giving and Receiving a Reprogramming Session - Practical •Journey to meet your Power Animal •Connecting with the unique energy of your own personal drum •Teaching the Reiki Drum Technique and Case Study Guidelines •Closing Ceremony Forthcoming Dates 2020: 7 & 8 March (full), 30 & 31 May, 5 & 6 September, 21 & 22 November Duration of Course: 2 days •Fee: £300 - Includes 16" Remo Buffalo drum, workbook, and class manual. If you have your own drum, the fee is reduced to £200, please advise at time of booking. Deposit £100. Venue: Sawbridgeworth, East Herts

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